Vectron and MOBOTIX Heightened Security and Improved Prevention

Vectron, a leading provider of point of sale systems for bakeries and restaurants, and MOBOTIX, a leading provider of digital, high-resolution and network-based video security systems, are offering a joint video solution for retail establishments, restaurants and bakeries. This involves linking the transaction data from the Vectron point of sale system for each sales process with video data from the MOBOTIX IP camera and storing it. This allows POS discrepancies to be quickly resolved, increases on-site security at retail locations, bakeries and restaurants, and boosts sales by enabling optimized shop planning based on integrated MOBOTIX video analysis tools.

Joining forces to resolve inventory variances

Nearly €4 billion is lost yearly as a consequence of annual inventory differences in the retail sector in Germany alone, according to the EHI Retail Institute. In light of this, using the latest video security technology is a better option than ever. Moreover, when combined with classic protection measures, it opens up titelbild_vectronentirely new opportunities. This is where the joint solution from Vectron and MOBOTIX comes in. Transaction data from a point of sale is continually sent to a MOBOTIX camera in the form of POS events and linked with the camera footage in an intelligent way. The MOBOTIX Management Center (MxMC) 1.7 can be used to conveniently search through the saved POS data based on individual criteria, and the respective corroborating image can be shown for each event. Users can evaluate video images saved in encrypted form from their office as well as from any additional MxMC workplace around the world – such as one at company headquarters – through a secure Internet connection. POS processes can be analyzed based on item, price or employee, among other criteria. MxMC displays the relevant camera footage for the respective transaction and includes practical search functions. This enables users to securely document and review disputed cash transactions. In addition to using the features provided by MxMC, users can also directly view the latest transaction in the browser of the Vectron POS system. As such, the joint solution from Vectron and MOBOTIX helps users quickly resolve POS differences, and also has a loss preventative effect.

Optimizing sales and security

I f a company is using a hemispheric MOBOTIX camera with MxAnalytics (such as the Q26), objects as well as people can also be counted, and their movements can be depicted in a heat map. This provides retailers with additional customer-specific information such as the duration of stay, movements in the opposite direction, turns, very fast movements or entry into defined areas. This information provides retailers with key added value. Based on the optimal overview they receive, as well as the movement heat map and the transaction data, companies can optimize personnel deployment and shop design. All in all, companies benefit from this solution: It increases on-site security, minimizes costs and helps boost sales by enabling optimized shop planning based on video analysis data. The solution was also specially developed to accommodate the requirements of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As such, it enables companies to carry out POS analysis compliant with this new data protection legislation.

Technical specifications

The solution can be used with MxManagement Center 1.7 or later and is compatible with all current Vectron POS systems and MOBOTIX Mx6 cameras (firmware version MX-V5.0.2.14 or later). The MxAnalytics video analysis tools are part of the complete solution and do not require any additional costs or infrastructure.

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