COM-SUR Adjudged as Innovative Product of the Year in Security (Software)

COM-SUR was honored with the ‘Innovative Product of the Year in Security (Software)’ Award at the prestigious Secona Shield Awards 2017, powered by Secutech India.

Gautam Goradia, CEO & MD said, “We are extremely glad that COM-SUR is getting the recognition it deserves. COM-SUR can change video surveillance across the globe. It will be a proud moment for us if we can succeed in doing this. From helping the Home/ Defence Ministry to the Finance Ministry/ the Election Commission (and all other Ministries). COM-SUR has a role to play in every area, which is covered by CCTV/ video surveillance.COM-SUR Adjudged as Innovative Product of the Year in Security

“This one tool can ensure that the millions of ‘eyes’ across the globe that are currently in ‘sleep mode,’ will ‘wake up’ and deliver rich visual information (which is being wasted right now, since nobody ‘sees’ what the cameras ‘saw’) that can be used by Governments to gain actionable intelligence. And it’s not just about crime. This same tool can be used in monitoring the Ganga cleaning project to agriculture, to climate control and so on. With drones and UAVs proliferating, all we are doing is gathering more information; but are we gaining full benefits?”

“We would like to thank all our supporters for believing in the power of Auditing, Smart Backup and Standardised Reporting. The SECONA Shield Awards is one of the most celebrated awards in the security industry. Winning this is an honour. However, this is only the beginning. We will continue to work harder in order to help make not just our country, but also the world, a safer place,” says Rohini Goradia, VP – Marketing & Sales.

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