CP PLUS secures Zydus School buses in Ahmedabad

CP PLUS secures Zydus School buses in Ahmedabad to make traveling to school and
back home safer for the school students

Zydus School of Excellence (ZSE) is one of the most prominent schools in Godhavi, Ahmadabad, housing over 1000 children. The school runs its own fleet of busses that transits students from home to school and back, and of late the management has been looking for a way to secure and manage its bus services more efficiently.


The Zydus school busses run long haul to pick up and drop children from different corners of the town. Delays in pickups and drops often become a matter of concern for both parents and school authorities.

Confronted by the safety concerns of its students the school management realized its busses needed surveillance and monitoring that would help them keep track of the behavior of the vehicles/ drivers and keep a check on any discrepancies that occur.


A total of 33 busses ply every day, and after having surveyed the buses and their corresponding routes, a comprehensive solution was designed.

Each bus was fitted with 2 high-resolution analog cameras, installed at its entry and exit points, and a CP PLUS state-of-the-art MDVR with HDD for recording. Ideal for mobile surveillance, CP PLUS MDVRs offer tamper-proof, shock proof, and anti-vibration features, along with their unique rugged design for worry free recording. These MDVRs are GPS enabled to tag video evidence with the current location. Also included in the solution is enterprise-level data management software to monitor and manage end-to-end evidence.

The challenge, however, was the short time within which the project needed to be delivered, and also the rare availability of the vehicles. Limited access to electricity also posed a significant challenge, requiring the use of Securing ZSE Kids in Transitspecial battery operated tools.


The CP PLUS solution completely satisfied the surveillance demands of the school management. The management was able to track the movement of all their busses at all times easily. The solutions not just ensured that the busses were punctual, but also kept a track of the students, driver behavior and anyone other than the designated people within the vehicles.

CP PLUS secures Zydus School buses in Ahmedabad

“The project was challenging with a very short TAT and the dependence on the availability of the vehicles. However, the project was delivered within the stipulated time frame, and the results thereafter satisfied the customer, thereby making the project a success,” said Mehul Goswami, Addon Technology, Partner to the project.

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