Yoga Guru Ramdev Forays into Security Business

Formed Parakram Suraksha (Valour Security) Pvt. Ltd. to build an army of security guards

Baba Ramdeo, the Yogo Guru and India’s reigning consumer business giant, has recently launched Parakram Suraksha (Valour Security) Pvt Ltd to supply guards and provide security services. The venture will focus to build young aspirants under the guidance of experienced security officials to provide security to the people in need. The company has recruited former Indian Army personnel and police officers to train youngsters.

“This security agency will work to evoke the nationalist spirit in every citizen and create an atmosphere of healthy physique and psychological competence among the country’s youths,” the Patanjali spokesperson stated.

Rapid growth of India’s economy over the past few decades has raised the demand for security arrangements manifold for industrial complexes, offices, IT parks, and other public infrastructure such as airports, metro stations, shopping malls, and public utilities. Baba with a huge business mind, evaluated the lucrative business opportunity in the field and decided to set off.

When enquired about Baba’s new initiative, Kunwar Vikram Singh, Chaiman, CAPSI said, “There is a huge need for private security, particularly to protect infrastructure, women, homes, and airports. There are some 200 smart cities coming up in India, and we will need at least one million smart security force for that.”

“With massive infrastructure growth, private security is a huge growth area,” added Vikram Singh, “Across the world, too, there is a shortage of skilled security men, and that also provides opportunities for Indians to work abroad. Of course, the massive opportunity has attracted Baba.”

Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) is the leading association of private security industry in India, which has set up the Security Sector Skill Development Council (SSSDC), in association with National Skill Development Corporation, a government body, which trains security personnel at several ‘centres of excellence’ across the country.

“Security is a very important issue either for a man or a woman. Our aim is to prepare individuals for self and country’s security, and for this we have formed Parakram. This will help develop military instinct in each and every citizen of the country so as to awaken the spirit and determination for individual and national security.”

– Acharya Balakrishna

Managing Director, Patanjali


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