Vehant Technology KritiScan™ 6040R

Vehant Technology has recently launched a new 3D Xray baggage scanner – KritiScan™ 6040R.

KritiScan™ 6040R is a dual-energy X-ray baggage scanner to create virtual 3D images which provides an operator with isometric view of the scanned baggage by generating three dimensional image of the object. KritiScan 6040R provides extremely detailed images for enhanced detection capabilities. It is a compact X-ray baggage scanning system ideal for checkpoints and small baggage scanning at high security premises and other baggage scanning applications.

Vehhant Technologies announce the launch of our 3D X-ray Baggage

making the world a safer place. Through our vast range of integrated security, surveillance and monitoring products and solutions we offer our clients and customers the most contemporary security solutions” said Ritika Kaul, Marketing Manager, Vehant Technologies.


  • Dual energy based virtual 3D imaging.
  • Radiation safe as per AERB India.
  • High density alert feature.
  • Distortion correction through software.
  • Self-diagnosis feature.
  • Central supervisor console (Optional).
  • Threat image projection feature (Optional).
  • Energy saving device (Optional)

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