The Chandani Chowk to Hangzhou, China – India Program

High Performing Indian Partners Visit Dahua Headquarters in China

Dahua Technology has recently organized a successful tour program called ‘The Chandani Chowk To Hangzhou, China – India Program’ for 25 high performing Indian partners to its headquarters at Hangzhou in East China. The partners had an extensive guided tour of Dahua’s facilities.


Aims & agendas

The Chandani Chowk To Hangzhou, China – India Program aimed to enhance cooperation by enabling partners to learn more about Dahua and its latest technologies, products and solutions, as well as the country and its culture. The Indian partners were warmly received by the Dahua Technology top management including Michael Chen, the Vice President and James Wang, the CTO, Dahua. The Indian partners began from Dahua showroom where they had a first-hand experience on newly developed security technologies and products such as display solutions, video conference solutions, smart home automation solutions etc. The group also had an on-site training and discussions with industry and product experts from Dahua to get a more comprehensive understanding of the industry and the application of Dahua solutions which would help them explore more business opportunities in India and help them to broaden the market and the customer base.


The partners were presented a UAV show in the new Dahua Smart IoT Industrial Park in Fuyang District showing the company’s advanced production capabilities and technologies. Subsequently, Michael Chen and Aditya Khemka, MD of Aditya Infotech addressed the gathering, and James Wang made a presentation on the latest technology.

A Dahua spokesman said, “Dahua always rewards the best performers and surprises them with these kinds of valuable and beneficial trips. Now we have prepared a more knowledgeable and understanding Indian partners on Dahua products and technologies after this visit which will help them to find more opportunities for Dahua products and increase their market outreach in India. We will support their initiatives in this direction.”

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