COM-SUR Helping CXOs Achieve Optimal Benefits from CCTV

CCTV cameras are increasing in number across the world but there are yet question marks – if crime is going down, or if the people are able to recover better ROI from their investments in CCTV, or if there is a better compliance and so on. The fact is that CCTV has become just a ‘fit and forget,’ but if users take just a few extra recommended steps, they will achieve far more benefits.

COM-SUR Corporate News July 2018

The unfortunate incident that took place at Ryan school in Gurgaon has been a shocking experience. It is yet shocking to know even after that, there have been over 160 reported incidents across schools in India – 18 of which are deaths, 7 suicides, over 70 molestation cases, and even 2 cases of leopard intrusions. All these schools had one thing in common, and that is CCTV cameras. So, fundamentally there is something wrong in the way the world is using CCTV, or rather not using CCTV to its fullest potential. After the unfortunate Gurgaon incident, every authority suggests to increase cameras, but needs to be considered if just the installations thereof are enough.

Team COM-SUR is reaching out to business leaders to make them understand that any organization that uses CCTV cameras can achieve lots of value from CCTV surveillance by adopting a few simple SOPs in terms of CCTV video footage auditing, smart backup and intelligent reporting software. Gautam Goradia, the creator of COM-SUR is taking personal interest and looking to deliberate with organizations and their CXOs about how their organizations can benefit from this new angle of auditing CCTV video footage as a SOP, save costs of storage and bandwidth, and gain business intelligence from standardized reporting.

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