Videonetics Launches Smart Urban VA

Videonetics has recently launched AI & Deep Learning powered ‘Smart Urban Video Analytics’ (SUVA) that commits to deliver actionable intelligence, and provides security insights to address real-world problems such as graffiti and vandalism, garbage and litter detection, crowd formation and behavioural analysis, traffic management and road safety, to name a few.

Videonetics Launches Smart Urban VA

Powered by the first Indian artificial intelligence and deep learning platform, SUVA is trained with real-time video data of over four years, thereby ensuring highest level of precision in detecting anomalies in tough Indian situations.

Expressing on the launch, Dr. Tinku Acharya, Fellow IEEE, Founder & MD, Videonetics said, “I am proud that Videonetics is the World’s first company to launch AI & Deep Learning enabled visual computing platform. We are committed to promote culture of innovation in India and to introduce such advanced and smart technologies that can address challenging environments for highly populated countries like India.

“Smart Urban Video Analytics is the pioneering solution which will certainly act as a true decision support system for local authorities, municipalities, traffic planners and law enforcement agencies. SUVA has multi-faceted applications which will certainly build traffic management more robust, increase road safety, reduce environmental hazards, provide correct information to law enforcement agencies, preventing property from any vandalism, swift suspect search, eventually to make Indian cities safe and smarter. Our intellectual property and trailblazing initiatives have won us several accolades, patents and recognitions from renowned platforms.”

Smart Urban Video Analytics suite includes:

Graffiti & vandalism detection Graffiti and vandalism are often known as defacing on private and public property without consent from the property owner. These can be in the form of writing, drawing or scratching onto surfaces using different implements such as paint, spray, markers, stickers, and so on. SUVA can immediately detect property damage within the monitored area and alert local authority to prevent such violations, thereby saving the community valuable funds and preserving assets from graffiti and vandalism.

Garbage management

In highly populated countries, urban waste is a big problem which leads to hazards such as environmental degradation, water pollution, soil pollution and air pollution. Garbage management with integrating AI based video analytics detects garbage overflow, garbage bin cleaned, waste collection pattern, garbage vehicle classification, tracking of garbage vehicle movement etc. It assists local civic bodies with alerts to effectively manage waste and keep the city clean.

Debris & litter detection

Both debris and litter are highly pervasive and visible form of pol lution that have harmful impacts on wildlife, human health and overall environment. SUVA helps in detecting debris and litter thrown in the monitored area and triggers an immediate alarm to the local bodies/ municipalities for taking action.

Crowd management

The crowd management solution detects crowd formation, people count and their movement, and analyses crowd flow. In addition, it detects sudden random movement of crowds along with providing overcrowd alert against crowd count crossing a defined threshold value.

Traffic management

SUVA also equips law enforcement agencies by providing ultra-powerful traffic management solution comprising no parking detection, wrong-way vehicle detection, polluting vehicle detection, no helmet detection, triple riding detection etc.

In addition to these solutions, SUVA application can also help in detecting loitering, person collapsing and object classification. It also supports both server-based and edge analytics architecture, hence it can be successfully applied in diverse challenging conditions to maintain infrastructure, curb pollution, and secure the city.

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