Com-Sur Partner Training Programs Concluded

COM-SUR has concluded its latest Partner Training Programs in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

“Over the past three years we took part in over 100 security shows – both nationally and internationally – which has given us the opportunity to meet some great like-minded companies, for whom offering practical and outof-the box solutions is of paramount importance. The three companies we trained in this phase were Kwick Soft from New Delhi/ Chennai, BNB Security and Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd. from Bengaluru/ other southern states of India, and Cyberace from Mumbai with offices in New Delhi, Pune and other Indian cities, as well as in Singapore. These three organisations strongly believe in the philosophy of COM-SUR and what it stands for. They are excited with the opportunity to solve their customers’ pain points, and will offer COM-SUR not only within India, but also globally. They see COM-SUR not only as an opportunity for revenue building, but also as one that will help them be a part of making a difference in the surveillance industry.

They want to be a part of a Made in India story that has plugged the three missing pieces of CCTV surveillance namely auditing CCTV video footage as a SoP, smart backup, and standardized intelligent reporting,” said Gautam Goradia, CEO & MD, COMSUR.

Kwick Soft specializes in the supply of equipment and kits for forensic labs, specialized and high-tech surveillance systems (CCTV), crime scene investigation related products and technologies, and other modern equipment to police departments. BNB Security and Automation Solutions offers consultancy, design, supply, installation, commissioning and service support for security and fire systems, automation systems, AV solutions etc. across various verticals like hospitality, retail, commercial establishments, banks, government departments and so on. Cyberace is involved in designing and building turnkey projects in IT, ELV systems and audio-video integration, offering several products and services including network services, facilities management and cloud services.

The sessions were conducted at their respective offices for over three days in terms of learning the philosophy, complete hands-on training, new marketing techniques, communication skills and relationship building. Each team received the coveted ‘COM-SUR Certified Channel Partner’ certificate at the end of the program. “BNB is proud to partner with COM-SUR. We are happy that this partnership will enable us to take COMSUR’s offerings to our esteemed customers.

COM-SUR’s CCTV video footage auditing solution has created a niche in the industry, and we believe that every user of CCTV should incorporate this wonderful product as a de-facto part of their video surveillance initiative. We thank Mr. Goradia and his team for carrying out the training program, and look forward to a long partnership with COM-SUR for mutual benefit,” said Anand V Bhat, Managing Director & CEO, BNB Security and Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Shammer Shah of Kwick Soft, and. Pushp Chauhan of Cyberace offered the similar views.

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