Suprema Launches BioMini Slim 2

World’s slimmest FAP20 fingerprint authentication scanner

Suprema, Inc., has launched BioMini Slim 2, the world’s slimmest fingerprint authentication scanner.

Along with its world’s slimmest (16mm), high definition optical sensor, the new BioMini Slim 2 features Suprema’s proprietary multi-dynamic range (MDR) technology, FBI PIV/ FIPS 201/ mobile ID FAP20 compliance and Android device support.

The all new BioMini Slim 2 has been engineered from Suprema’s 2nd generation optical structure and device platform. BioMini Slim 2 provides developers more physical flexibility with its reduced form factor and the ultra-slim optical sensor ensures robust operation over time along with its IP65-rated waterproof structure. Continued from its predecessors, BioMini Slim 2 also features Suprema’s patented anti-spoofing LFD (Live Fingerprint Detection) technology and MDR technology that enable to capture high-quality fingerprints even under the direct sunlight of up to 100,000 lx.

“The new BioMini Slim 2 is at the spearhead of our 2nd generation BioMini line-up. In designing BioMini Slim 2, we have re-engineered whole existing optical structure and platform to improve size-reduction, image quality, and connectivity. The new scanner now provides all those improvements plus nitty-gritty from Suprema’s core advantages such as MDR and LFD technologies. In addition, with its newly improved assembly and structural engineering, BioMini Slim 2 now offers best-in-class cost advantage and durability in operation,” said Bogan Park, CEO at Suprema ID, “The new BioMini Slim 2 clearly shows our commitment on mobile-oriented identification and we will expand our 2nd generation BioMini scanner line-up with more focus on this fast growing mobile identification market.”

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