Apollo Test Set Now Available

Apollo Fire Detectors is launching the Apollo Test Set, a portable testing device designed to help commissioning and system maintenance engineers in the field.

The Apollo Test Set helps engineers guarantee the correct loop configuration is in place before an active control panel is installed. Engineers will also be able to Apollo-test-settest the diagnostics and integrity of the loop, to discover earth faults and other system weaknesses.

The Test Set works on all of the Apollo analogue addressable protocols – XP95, Discovery and CoreProtocol®.

Users will find the touch-screen interface intuitive, and can download software updates, future-proofing the Apollo Test Set.

Charles Smith, Head of Product Management at Apollo commented, “We are very excited to launch our new Apollo Test Set, which will greatly assist engineers working with our Apollo systems, making their life easier in the field, reducing their on-site time and cutting project installation and maintenance costs. This new piece of equipment is the perfect example of our commitment to innovative and reliable fire detection solutions.”




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