Smart City Solution

Ever expanding, cities today must pay more attention to protect their people and properties. It is evident to anyone with access to global news that now even the most developed cities are faced with huge safety threats, ranging from terrorists’ attacks aiming at well-populated areas and historically significant places to road accidents that keep increasing with the number of automobiles. A smart and integrated system for urban security is an urgent need, which Dahua is competent to provide.

Time to do it smartly

Boasting its AI technologies and highly integrated platform, Dahua smart city solution aims to address safety issues of mega-cities without dramatically expanding police forces. To be more specific, the deep-learning empowered video surveillance performs timely and effective risk detection. The unified platform allows faster emergency response, and the powerful data mining helps get more insights from the data front-end systems collected. Combined together, Dahua smart city solution gives unprecedented advantages.

For example, the deep-learning redefines the capabilities of video analysis. Dahua achieved 99.78% facial recognition accuracy in LFW (Labeled Faces in the Wild, a well-known facial recognition benchmark for academic purpose) in October, 2016. Moreover, deep-leaning even allows instant classification of human and vehicle appearing in video, capturing extract detailed features such as clothe color, gender, headwear, bag for human and license plate number, vehicle color, size, mark, model, cellphone usage, seat belt usage for vehicle etc.

 Four working stages of Dahua smart city solution

The overall working process of Dahua smart city solution can be viewed in four stages that are prevention, detection, response and investigation. By improving each, it can improve the city running in general.

The Stage of Prevention means picking out and focusing on potentially dangerous persons and factors before they really do harm to public safety. This requires the ability of collecting and analyzing big data. Dahua’s smart city solution provides advanced forecasting models that give a better chance of predicting events. For example, with comprehensive analysis of violation data collected by traffic enforcement cameras, the system can generate a watch list for the vehicles with numerous violation records.

The Stage of Detection involves real time surveillance in various forms, including deployment of 360-degree panoramic camera and ultra-long range, all weather monitoring thermal camera etc. In addition to multifunctional cameras, Dahua’s deep-learning empowered smart video surveillance can automatically detect risky individuals and activities from massive data collected. In fact, Dahua traffic enforcement system helped Hangzhou city automatically detect 29,823 vehicles’ illegal behavior during G20 Summit, which greatly reduced the burden on policemen who thus could put more focus on protecting key summit area.

The Stage of Response enables key organizations in the city to react to security threats in real time. Dahua improves the communication efficiency through its integrated platform, allowing unified command and centralized data storage as well as cross-department information sharing. if a natural disaster takes place in the city, Dahua smart city solution can report it on a single e-map with available emergency response resources to all relevant departments and agencies, while providing seamless monitoring of the site to all units approaching.

The Stage of Investigation analyzes all data collected by different systems and provide insights to facilitate the recovery of crucial incident like crime after it happened. In this stage, technologies such as video synopsis provide a short summary including all moving objects of a long video and supports query moving object according to different characteristics like size, color, direction and speed. Besides, there’re a rich set of data mining methods like active area analysis, active target analysis and trajectory analysis. So if a criminal tries to escape with different clothes or cars he is highly unlikely to make it in a city equipped with Dahua smart city solution.

Multidimensional benefits

Smart City Solution delivers on Dahua’s promise of ‘Safer society, smart living’ in 4 key metrics.

Government investment measures the level of continued commitment by governments to maintain good function and development of systems in place. After deploying smart city solution, London’s police investment declined by 10% yet the criminal activity prevention score actually improved by 0.5% since 2015.

Safety result measures changes in the levels of crime and risk to citizens. It also assesses the public’s perception of how well the city’s authorities can respond to incidents. This is improved by the efficiency savings that Dahua’s surveillance systems provide.

Social benefits assess the ability of the public to enjoy entertainment and leisure activities safely and how their affinity for the government changes.

Economic benefit accounts for personal wealth, spending on tourism and retail along with employment rates and the city’s protection against short-term economic fluctuations.

Smart city solutions benefit everyone in all four aspects above. Governments can decrease spending and crime rates at the same time whilst increasing citizen safety, survival rates and citizen approval rating. Citizens will be safer and enjoy better living standards without the burden of increased public spending. In short, they will be happier with both the government and their lives.


By remaining ahead of the market with expertise in intelligent visual processing technologies and emphasizing its core value propositions of innovation, quality and service, Dahua Technology will continuously contribute to a safer society and smarter living, benefiting city dwellers worldwide.


By Balasubramanian Jayam
Head of Marketing (India & SAARC) Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.


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