Seven Top Reasons to Use Multi-Tier Storage Solution for Surveillance Content

1. Lower your storage spend – 

Organizations are keeping as much as 40% of their inactive data on their most expensive infrastructure. With unstructured video growing exponentially, fueled by the rise of new video surveillance programs, you can’t afford to have this kind of inefficiency. Then the solution is to adopt a multi-tier storage system that automatically migrates your video to the most cost efficient tiers of storage. Whether that’s high-performance disk storage, object-based storage or high-capacity primary storage, file-based tape or the cloud – your organization can cost-effectively store data based on various policy requirements.

2. Easy, immediate access

Finding a file in your system should be no more difficult than finding a document on a C: drive. Quantum’s solution for video surveillance is a single file system, built specifically for video applications. On the backend, retention and access policies can be set to handle data migration and simplify organization and file recall.

3. High performance

Storage performance that performs inefficiently prevents companies from capturing usable data. Quantum’s StorNext software retains data cost-effectively, supports complex video management systems and analytic applications, and ingests video from 4 times as many cameras per server to deliver time-to-decision results, allowing proactive protection and crime prevention. Quantum’s storage infrastructure not only handles this sheer volume of data with ease, but also delivers streaming performance regardless of whether it’s on disk, tape, or in the cloud.

4. Scale with your storage needs

The ability to seamlessly integrate more sources of information into modern analytical tools is becoming more important, as is the capacity to scale and accommodate increased camera and sensor counts, panoramic coverage and higher image resolution. As more cameras are added, image resolutions increase and retention times become longer, Quantum’s solution can scale to handle the need for more capacity.

5. Compliant with your current infrastructure

Quantum’s storage solutions support all major platforms, operating systems and networks, and integrate seamlessly with VMS and other systems. This enables security professionals to integrate the solution into their existing infrastructure without being locked into a single vendor or platform as well as to configure the file interface to receive input from a variety of devices and systems.

6. No trade-offs necessary

To gain more insight and an increased return on investment from video surveillance data, a storage solution must balance high performance, high capacity and high retention. These three parameters can be flexed to provide the best trade-off between budget and mission whilst minimizing sacrifice of redundancy, accessibility or scalability.

7. Gateway storage architecture

Upgrading storage capabilities while also satisfying budgetary restrictions is a challenging part of building a comprehensive storage infrastructure. Instead of replacing your pre-existing storage system, why not to build onto it! Artico offers an easy, nondisruptive choice for adding Quantum tape, FlexTier, and Lattus scale-out storage to an existing security environment.

Quantum’s StorNext platform is a policy-driven tiering software, allowing users to extend primary storage with scalable, more cost-effective tiers of storage. Our multi-tier solution is ideal for security and surveillance organizations with large amounts of video dealing with the challenges that come with scaling storage with your data growth. End users can set up policies to automatically migrate data across tiers, utilizing less costly types of storages like file-based tape and cloud, thus delivering the total capacity needed more cost effectively.

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