Dahua Safeguards BRICS Summit

Building on its success in providing a comprehensive security solution for the G20 Hangzhou Summit in 2016, the 9th BRICS Summit has been another accomplishment for Dahua. The Summit was held during 3-5 September 2017 in Xiamen, China, where national leaders from the five member countries made their points for their brighter future. In partnership with the Summit’s security team, Dahua constructed a robust security barrier and guaranteed a smooth opening for the summit.

Main meeting venue and surrounding areas

Dahua installed their visual emergency dispatch and command system at the BRICS command center which is normally administered by the Public Security Department of Xiamen. The Center’s large display wall was stitched together with the Dahua edgeless HD LED panels that enabled complete pictures of all units during the meeting under command center control, which simplified the control and responses to great extent.

A full range of video surveillance and display solutions from Dahua was deployed around the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center as well as the security command center.

Police cars

A fleet of 228 patrol cars and 72 special cars from the Xiamen Public Security Bureau was used to clear the way for Summit leaders. A customized Dahua mobile solution with GPS positioning and in-vehicle wireless image transmission system was installed on each vehicle to provide the command center continuous live overview of all areas which helped handling of various emergencies.

The ‘Four Bridges and One Tunnel’ – the various road access points to Xiamen Island – was deployed with Dahua’s advanced technologies such as intelligent analysis, big data, and video analysis centers to significantly increase the efficiency of emergency command and information technology management capabilities, providing uninterrupted HD video surveillance and smart road event monitoring on bridges and tunnels. This ensured smooth operation of each component in the ‘Four Bridges and One Tunnel’ during the BRICS Summit.

In addition, Dahua also contributed to the security of other key areas including the Xiamen Airport, train station, ferry piers, and police checkpoints.

Hotel Areas

In surrounding districts such as Haicang and Jimei, Dahua installed video surveillance on key routes and sites where key activities of the city held. This helped achieving full coverage of places such as guarded routes, main roads, key sites, as well as surrounding areas and regions of elevated-risk.

Dahua also took on surveillance of the practices of catering, accommodations and traveling of the leaders. The hotels and surrounding areas were upgraded to HD systems in a short time. The mobile law enforcement surveillance system assisted the Xiamen Market Supervision Commission in guaranteeing the provision of safe food during the Summit. The Dahua Smart Healthcare Solution covered various grade-A hospitals in Xiamen, enabling them to be ready for possible emergencies at any time. Dahua also participated in logistics services during the Summit.

Dahua was actively engaged in the Summit’s surveillance operations since January. Dahua assisted public security and traffic police departments in accomplishing almost 300 security tasks. They ensure zero device malfunctions during the Summit. Summit security units have spoken high about Dahua’s attitude, standardized operations, and intelligent video surveillance solutions.

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