High-Precision Fire Detection at Finland Hospital

Tampere University Hospital in south-west Finland is one of the biggest hospitals in the country. In order to meet future needs and requirements, the hospital is currently being renovated and expanded in a project costing several hundred million euros. Here, complex technical facilities are being equipped with the tried-and-tested SecuriRAS ASD 532 early warning system from Securiton.

The city of Tampere is located in south-west Finland, approximately 175 kilometres north-west of Helsinki. The third-largest city in Finland is situated between two lakes and is the most populous inland city in Scandinavia with around 225,000 inhabitants.

Important healthcare provider

Tampere University Hospital is responsible for the comprehensive provision of healthcare in the city and its wider surroundings. The hospital offers complex, specialist care services for a region where around one million Finns live. The services on offer cover virtually all medical disciplines, from emergency care all the way through to rehabilitation. In addition to outstanding care, Tampere University Hospital also provides training and conducts research.

Building for the future

In order to be able to meet future treatment needs, Tampere University Hospital is currently being renovated and expanded. A total of 40,000 m2 of floor space in three existing wings is being renovated, whilst four additional buildings and an underground car park covering a total of 98,000 m2 are being newly built. Securiton was commissioned with protecting the computer and telecommunications rooms and power supply systems with SecuriRAS ASD 532 aspirating smoke detectors. These are among the world’s most precise and most reliable early warning systems for fires. The SecuriRAS ASD 532 is designed for medium-sized applications and – in addition to applications such as those in Tampere – is also ideally suited for use in lift shafts, laboratories and similar areas. The ASD 532 has the same technical equipment as the more powerful SecuriRAS ASD 535 aspirating smoke detector, except that it has only one sampling pipe and a more compact fan.

The installation of a high-quality safety solution is always a matter of the heart for the employees involved at Securiton. This was especially the case when it came to the assignment at Tampere University Hospital.

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