Hikvision Secures Orange Cameroon

Orange Group, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Cameroon, has specified and deployed iVMS software, NVRs, decoders and IP cameras from Hikvision. Orange Cameroon enlisted the help of Servitel, a leading specialist systems integrator based in Douala (the seaport and economic hub of Cameroon) to provide an effective solution to the frequent problem of theft of stock at many Orange sites, and to the requirement to help better manage remote access to some key sensitive areas, along with confirming the locations and status of its employees. Servitel worked with the head of security for Orange to deliver an effective solution that would provide an answer to the security and management issues being faced.

With the study of the initial proposed eleven Orange sites by the Orange Group security team, along with the staff feedback, the first phase of the new surveillance system specification was developed and approved. It was decided that the eleven Orange locations to be covered by the networked solution would include the company’s HQ in Douala, its technical HQ, commercial HQ, and Orange retail and technical sites in 10 cities throughout Cameroon. A mix of entrances and exits, fence line perimeters, tops of buildings, and internal areas were all chosen to be monitored.

Orange required the mix of Hikvision camera models including DS-2CD4212F-IS 1.3MP Low-light IR Bullet, DS-2CD2722FWD 2MP WDR Vari-focal Dome, and DS-2DF8236IV-AEL 2MP Ultra WDR Smart PTZ network cameras. At each remote site, the Hikvision cameras are integrated with the access control system, to allow remote verification of entry and access doors, with some access points used to trigger camera snapshots of users.

The use of H.264+ encoding technology by Hikvision cameras enabled the transmission of 1080P HD quality images by using only half the bandwidth of cameras using standard H.264. The H.264+ algorithm also reduced the amount and cost of storage hardware needed by requiring only half as much disk storage space, and the cameras themselves are very competitively priced considering their high-spec and high quality.

Local remote site continuous recording is facilitated by Hikvision DS-9600NI-H8 Series NVRs, with built-in network protocol for connectivity with Hikvision and other leading camera manufacturer IP products. Local recording plays an essential role within the multi-site system, primarily because the data connection between the remote sites and the control room can sometimes be lost for relatively long periods, interrupting live monitoring. But with high-capacity local storage, events and local recordings are maintained safely, and available for retrieval when the connection with the control room is resumed.

The mix of specified internal and external IP cameras was installed over three phases, and devised to address the varying range of surveillance scene conditions encountered across each of the eleven Orange sites. The mix of specified technologies directly addressed issues such as bright-backlit scene lighting, total darkness and the need for wide-area coverage.

Comprehensive control

At the central control room in Douala, supporting 24/7 live monitoring and reporting of incidents to the Orange security department, Hikvision DS-96128NI-E24/H embedded NVRs were specified to provide up to 8 Megapixel resolution recording and playback of the multi-site networked surveillance system. Hikvision’s Blazer Pro (256-channel) all-in-one server was also deployed to provide a comprehensive and powerful surveillance video management solution, along with Hikvision DS-6408HDI-T Series decoders, used to provide video stream decoding for a high-resolution 20”x32” monitor screen video wall.

Utilising the powerful Hikvision surveillance capability, if and when an event occurs, depending on its severity, control room operators notify the Orange security department with the precise nature and level of the event taking place, furnishing them with detailed information and enabling them to take the appropriate course of action.

Post event investigation is also catered by the system, where search and playback of specific events enables control room operators to provide the Orange security team with snapshots or video footage whenever requested.

System benefits

Since the system went live, it has contributed a positive impact on the business, with a number of acknowledged security benefits across the Orange estate.

Consolidating its leading position in the 23 million population central African country, Orange Cameroon is progressively substituting voice and SMS applications by data communications and value-added services, expanding its 3G and 4G coverage, and upgrading its access network. This move is set to greatly enhance Orange’s network capabilities for new applications and the development of very high-speed broadband. Furthermore, Orange Cameroon leads the way in providing mobile payments, thanks to numerous innovations in its Orange Money service, including the Orange Money Visa card.

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