Ted’s Pawn Protects Customer Assets With Verified Video Surveillance

Ted’s Pawn, located in Norwood, OH, has successfully been using video verification technology to reduce false alarms and catch the bad guys before they’re able to gain entry to the store and adjoining storage lot.

“Ted’s Pawn has been a long-time customer for us,” explained Wayne Lisle, VP and GM for Sonitrol SW Ohio, “They’ve had analog video surveillance for about eight years, and we had been utilizing audio verification of alarms for the inside of the store. The outside lot was a different story.”

The Ted’s Pawn outdoor lot is filled with vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and high value items that they must protect. “We wanted to do video verification for the lot,” said Lisle, “but until recently there were many challenges – complicated installation, connectivity, reliability, and eliminating false alarms.”Ted’s Pawn Protects Customer Assets With Verified Video Surveillance

“Now with a 3xLOGIC hybrid DVR, we can use analytics to associate existing outdoor cameras – two cover the yard, two cover the shop’s roof – to the Sonitrol panel and seamlessly provide video alarm feeds to our Sonitrol central station to detect and verify any threat. Going forward, Ted’s can install IP cameras and even thermal cameras to the existing network covering the lot.”

In the most recent incident at Ted’s, the Sonitrol operator received a video alarm feed showing a man entering the outdoor lot. The operator dispatched police and the suspect was apprehended in short order. “One of the most important aspects of our business is taking care of our customer’s valuable items,” said Ralph Tincher of Ted’s Pawn Shop, “One of the ways that we’ve taken the extra step to ensure we’re taking care of their precious goods is partnering with Sonitrol Verified Video security. Years ago, at our former location we had a break-in. The thief was able to get into the building and do some damage. After talking to other members in our industry, we found out there are ways to catch thieves before they get into your building.”

“Here at our new, larger location where we deal with a lot of high-dollar items, we’ve had three attempted breakins in the last six years. Every single time, thanks to Sonitrol verified video, powered by 3xLOGIC technology, those thieves were caught before they got anywhere near to entering the building,” Tincher concluded.


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