Premier Indian Broadband Provider Gets Optical Upgrade with Zyxel GPON Solution

GTPL Hathway is a cable and broadband provider headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. Founded in 2006, the company has become an industry leader in a short period of time. It currently maintains more than 20,000 kilometers of optical fiber cable, serving 8.7 million households in about 500 cities across the country. As India’s premier multi-system operator (MSO), GTPL is devoted to developing and delivering video products and data services of the highest quality.


There were numerous network obstacles that GTPL wanted to overcome. Their first objective was to build an infrastructure that could handle the countless demands of schools, hotels, and similarly large enterprises. The company’s current point-to-point architecture was insufficient and unable to provide the seamless and uninterrupted connectivity that those sectors expect. Second, they hoped to have the ability to deliver on their promise of 80Mbps transfers. Users opting for this top-tier plan would likely be the most critical; if the speed was consistently lower than advertised, these customers would be at risk of being poached by competitors. Lastly, it would be essential to ensure that the network was self-sustainable and secure. By going with Zyxel’s potent and efficient GPON solution, GTPL was headed in the right direction.

Solutions and benefits

At the center of GTPL’s upgrade was the workhorse OLT2406 2U temperature-hardened 6-slot chassis GPON OLT, which Zyxel designed specifically for largescale projects. The OLT has the dexterity to handle a number of critical responsibilities – configuring and managing VLAN, running resiliency tools such as Storm Control and Loop Guard, as well as supporting proxy ARP.

The agile OLT1408A 8-port GPON OLT was deployed for more remote locations due to its compact chassis with low power consumption, triple power source redundancy, battery support, and full remote management. This fiber backbone was necessary to overcome the distance limitations of traditional CAT 5 cabling.

The PMG5317-T20A and PMG1005-T20A GPON ONT were deployed to bring this high-speed wired connectivity to subscribers. The devices are able to link to the OLT via a comprehensive and easy-to-use management interface, which also allows for convenient remote access. With built-in QoS, it also ensures that the triple-play applications are given the bandwidth they need.

The completed network delivers the optimized power and coverage that GTPL expected. In addition to speeds of over 80Mbps, the fiber connectivity offers greater security and reliability compared to a traditional copper LAN infrastructure. This security is further bolstered by the Zyxel EMS NetAtlas, a powerful management system that centralizes and simplifies decision-making for the entire network. Now – thanks to a GPON solution from Zyxel – the cable and broadband giant can provide entertainment and communication services that will leave the competition in the dust.

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