CP Plus Secures 1000+ Delhi Govt. Schools

Over 1000 Delhi Government schools (728 buildings) are now installed with best-in-class
CP PLUS IP video surveillance solution that ensures a safe learning environment for pupils

Schools are the foundation of a society. They are the house of learning for the future generation. The security of school buildings and children is the topmost priority. Delhi Government was seeking an advanced and reliable security infrastructure to ensure a safe and secure environment for school children. It was an important step by the government to curb crime and provide peace of mind to parents. They intended for a dependable CCTV solution for more than 1,000 Delhi Government schools with total 728 buildings. The project involved supply, installation, testing, commissioning and comprehensive annual maintenance contract (CAMC) of CCTV system in the schools.

CP PLUS, a pioneering solution provider in the field of electronic security, proposed an array of its cutting-edge CCTV products and comprehensive surveillance systems to meet this historic project. The aim here was to provide best-in-class security solutions in all Delhi government schools.



Safeguarding school children, faculty and assets require a profound solution. Delhi Government schools needed advanced, integrated and cost-effective surveillance solutions that could help deter and detect criminal activities. The administration wanted well-structured security systems in the schools.


CP PLUS recommended and provided the best suitable solution for this, one of the largest CCTV projects in the education vertical which adds and enhances safety and security in the city as well.

As claimed by CP PLUS, approximately 1.5 Lakh 4MP IP cameras including outdoor bullet, vandal dome and PTZ cameras, along with over 2,400 recorders were installed in the Delhi Government schools in total. Keeping the criticality of the project in mind, CP PLUS team ensured bestin-class security solution along with excellent technical support and quality service in the supply of relevant surveillance equipment and accessories.

They involved advanced CCTV systems with the latest technologies for HD recording where admin users can view all cameras at any time from any place through web and mobile app. The solution included 4MP cameras with day/ night vision, NVRs for recording and LED displays at the school control room, and IP cameras for classrooms, gates, common areas, and boundary etc. The server can store 30 days of full HD recording.

CP PLUS solution also includes a well-equipped command and control centre (CCC) for integrated monitoring and management of the entire space in real-time. Moreover, there is an integration of Health Check Software in the system for live monitoring of all devices connected in the network for complete situational awareness. Also, the software features scalable solutions for future integrations.


With this, the Delhi Government schools are now able to capture and monitor all activities in the school buildings. This not only ensures a safer environment for students but also upholds the peacefulness of their parents. Further, it standardizes security procedures in the infrastructure while ensuring streamlined school management and operations.

CP PLUS has set a historic milestone by equipping Delhi government schools with advanced surveillance solution. It has been achieved through good collaborative efforts of CP PLUS team and Technosys Security Pvt Ltd – the system integrator for the project.


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