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Luxury GoldenEye development future-proofs security and guest services with end-to-end IDIS surveillance solution offering enhanced AI capabilities

The new five-star GoldenEye Hotel and Resort in Svilengrad, on the Bulgarian and Turkish border – Europe’s largest casino development, opened this year by BC Industries – is providing enhanced security with more efficient guest services thanks to a 600-camera video surveillance solution from IDIS.

The advanced camera system combines 24/7 visibility over gaming tables and public areas, fault-free image capture and recording of UHD video footage, a more efficient real time monitoring platform for multiple users, and options for rapid targeting of AI analytics.

As well as meeting the higher security requirements typical of casino operations, the system from South Korea’s largest in-country video tech manufacturer, supports the GoldenEye resort in providing a more impressive welcome for hotel guests with full visibility over corridors, communal areas, and back-of-house operations ensuring the ultimate guest experience.

The end-to-end solution has been installed by Volga Elektronik to cover the casino, hotel, and car parks.

A combination of IDIS 12MP Super Fisheyes, 8MP IR and 5MP IR dome cameras allows broad scene surveillance of all internal areas, without blind spots, plus targeted coverage of priority locations such as cashier cages and slot machines. High-definition image capture allows gaming tables to be monitored in fine detail with operators able to identify card suits, chip denominations and quickly detect any suspicious player activity, regardless of low light or cigarette smoke. Instant and smooth dewarping of the fisheye images supports efficient real time viewing and playback, allowing incidents to be resolved rapidly and preventing game stoppages. This ensures positive experiences, and confidence, for both customers and staff.

External areas, including parking bays and entrances, are covered using IDIS 5MP IR bullet cameras and 2MP IR PTZs. The system also comprises seven 64-ch NVR recorders; and IDIS Solution Suite enterprise-class VMS and Critical Failover to protect continuous access to video and provide full redundancy in the event of a range of fault conditions.

IDIS Solution Suite VMS allows 24/7 monitoring by six operators and two supervisors, using a control room video wall, with live viewing and simultaneous playback. The solution is NDAA-compliant, with inherent cybersecurity protection; and it meets GDPR requirements, with IDIS’ dynamic video privacy masking allowing footage to be easily exported without privacy infringement.

“IDIS video technology is perfectly designed for casino security,” said Mert Çalışkan, BC Industries’ Casino Operations Director, “Our new system gives us all the advanced surveillance capabilities we need to protect our guests and our facilities. And we’ll be able to easily adapt and extend it in the future and take advantage of exciting new capabilities.”

In the next project phase analytics data integration with the casino’s ERP software is being introduced, along with transaction data overlaid on recorded video for efficient incident investigation. Koray Ozyildirim, IDIS Türkiye Country Manager confirmed that the resort would be taking advantage of this future proofing capability that comes with all IDIS technology.

“Across the casino sector there is huge potential for adopting IDIS AI video solutions and integration capabilities,” he said, “IDIS’s industry leading analytics are flexible and powerful and can be targeted at specific locations to enable highly accurate people counting, heat maps and occupancy monitoring. Along with seamless systems integration this will increasingly deliver a host of competitive advantages including enhanced security, better customer service and, ultimately, greater profitability.”

IDIS is a global security company that designs, develops, manufactures, and delivers surveillance solutions for a wide range of commercial and public sector markets. As the largest video surveillance manufacturer in South Korea, headquartered just outside of Seoul and operating across 50 countries and 100+ strategic partners, IDIS is a world-leading total solution provider with more than two million recorders installed worldwide and over 17 million cameras utilizing IDIS technology.


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