On Hospitality & Banking Security Challenges

Axis Communications and its Alliance Partners recently concluded the three-day event – ‘Eye Connect 2018.’ In its 4th edition, the objective of the event was to showcase the latest tech innovation in physical security information management solutions. This year, the theme was ‘Integrated Security Solution – From Myth to Reality’ focused on solutions to address end customer requirements. The event saw the participation of 8 vendors and eighty end customers.

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Commenting on the occasion, Sudhindra Holla, Sales Director, India & SAARC Axis Communications said, “Eye Connect is a one-of-a-kind event model to bring OEMs, physical security information management partners and end customers together. This year, the event created opportunities, latest innovation updates and success stories for end customers. It presented a holistic system of surveillance including network cameras, analytics, storage, VMS and switches. We showcased our end to end capabilities supporting Indian customers across different industry segments using disparate security systems.”

“Eye Connect is an approach to offer an integrated security solution, rather than selling products in isolation. By collaborating with industry leading OEMs and integrators of the PSIM industry, we have been able to integrate CCTV, PID, access control, fire alarms and other HSE systems under one roof,” said alliance partner, EYE CONNECT 2018 Amit Sarkar, Country Manager, Milestone Systems.

Some of the latest innovations showcased within PSIM segments included retail, hospitality, education, critical infrastructure, manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation and smart cities.

Surveillance is moving beyond security to other applications. The role of a camera has moved on from passive to intelligent surveillance. As a result, intelligent video is not only used as a security tool but is emerging as a tool for gathering business intelligence and other applications. With the development and application of technology, it further brings with it a range of challenges for end users, installers and consultants. Additionally, these challenges demand a complete clarity around how one can proactively use technology to manage a seamless integration of various security components.

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