COM-SUR Helps Protect Bosch, Bengaluru

After great success in Chennai, COM-SUR has once again joined hands with Bosch India to help protect their Bengaluru factory.

COM-SUR, the CCTV video footage auditing, smart backup and intelligent reporting software, has been deployed by Bosch India for the second time to complete workflow of video surveillance.

“This is a great honour for us at COM-SUR that Bosch which is a camera manufacturer themselves has once again recognised the value and potential of our technology. The ability to audit their video footage regularly with such ease and efficiency was of prime importance to them. It has been a pleasure working with their team, who also share our philosophy,” says Gautam Goradia, CEO & MD, COM-SUR.

With the regular and dedicated use of COM-SUR, Bosch has far greater prospects of:

  1. Achieving crime, fraud and loss prevention.
  2. Solving crime faster.
  3. Improving processes, compliance, safety.
  4. Improving employee performance, customer satisfaction, and sales.
  5. Gaining situational awareness, actionable intelligence.
  6. Reducing data size and remote storage.
  7. Standardizing multiple activities related to CCTV/ surveillance.

Besides, they shall also be able to audit hours of video footage from multiple cameras in minutes; remotely store huge amounts of relevant data; search, tag and retrieve data easily, quickly create videos from multiple cameras in single MP4 file; create and share intelligent audit/ incident reports and gain business intelligence based on patterns etc.


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