3 Ways Traka Makes Facility’s Fleet Management Easy

In the logistics and distribution industry, overseeing fleet management can be far from easy. When you have thousands of drivers and vehicles that transport goods, you’re bound to lose precious minutes due to misplaced keys or vehicles – and those add up to millions annually.

How do you get back your lost time and maintain full visibility over your entire fleet of vehicles?

Local benefits of Traka’s fleet management

Shipping quickly and efficiently is the bread and butter of the logistics and distribution industry. Then it goes without saying that access to a warehouse’s vehicles and inventory should be properly safeguarded to prevent the loss or damage thereof.

One clear way to avoid this is by ensuring that access is limited to only the staff with correct login credentials, but how to make that process as streamlined as possible?

Here’s where Traka’s iFob comes in. The Traka iFob can be programmed to act as an electronic key for the vehicles by integrating with powerful software each time it’s received from Traka’s intelligent key cabinet. The system then determines whether or not a user is permitted to access that key.

If a vehicle is faulty, an authorised user can notify the management of it when putting their key back into the cabinet. Traka’s system will prevent others from accessing the vehicle until a repair is carried out, protecting the rest of the staff from using defective vehicles. This also makes the vehicles last longer.

In short, the results of a Traka fleet management solution include:

  • Controlled access to warehouse and vehicles.
  • Minutes saved from knowing where to get the keys at any time.
  • 24/7 audit trail tracking key use for complete visibility over operations.
  • Safer work environment and longer life of vehicles. Let’s think beyond the local benefits for a moment, though. What are the regional benefits of a Traka system?

At the regional level, the local benefits are amplified due to Traka’s administrative control. All key tracking information and permissions are stored in each Traka key cabinet, which allows administrators to see who possess which kind of key, and when they received it. Changing access permissions takes just seconds, and has a near-instant effect across all the Traka key cabinets, making employee turnover less stressful.

With Traka, the solution can track:

  • Location of each vehicle and distance logging.
  • Mileage, fuel levels and scheduled vehicle maintenance.
  • Status of each vehicle in a large vehicle fleet.

 And it can do it all in a streamlined system managing all facilities and warehouses.

Global benefits of Traka’s fleet management

Now look at all these benefits globally. By having complete visibility over operations – even across hundreds of miles – the overwhelming task of managing a large fleet is largely automated. This makes scaling the business easier because one can easily replicate this system in different locations.

With their central reporting, one can say with confidence how much mileage their company uses on average each year. They can decrease the wear and tear on their vehicles by scheduling enforced maintenance alerts while increasing accountability for all employees with audit trails for each vehicle.

As we mentioned before, a few minutes saved for each driver by finding their key in the same place each morning can translate across thousands of drivers, saving a company millions of dollars annually, and these are just their solutions for fleet management!


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