Dahua and Intel Jointly Release

New Industrial Camera and Present Blueprint for the Machine Vision Industry

Dahua Technology and Intel have recently held a joint product launch themed ‘Quality drives Leadership; Innovation builds Value’ at Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai, to showcase Dahua Technology’s latest research and development output: the 50MP large array camera, Movidius AI powered smart industrial camera, a full range of Sony IMX industrial cameras, and other new products. Vice President of Dahua Technology; Zhang Xingming, Deputy General Manager of Dahua Machine Vision; Li Ming, Marketing Manager of Intel; Xie Qingshan, Secretary General of China Machine Vision Union; and Yu Xiaojuan and other partners were present at the launch.

Zhang Xingming stated that Dahua Machine Vision, inheriting Dahua’s decades of experience

in image processing technology, is supported by Dahua’s R&D center, Dahua Advanced Technology Research Institute and Big Data Research Institute. In terms of ISP, software, algorithms, hardware, architecture, ALT testing and other areas, Dahua Machine Vision has some core competitive advantages. In the current stage of Industry 4.0 that is just about to take off, Dahua Technology set a very clear target: to become a high quality supplier of core parts for machine vision and to develop together with partners in the industry.

Marketing Manager of Intel, Xie Qingshan said, “Market transformations under the ‘Internet+’ strategy represents a spirit of openness, cross-boundary fusion, and compatibility. This is what Intel has always advocated, and this is especially prominent in the field of machine vision.” He said that Dahua has over ten years of experience in global security industry, and that Dahua Machine Vision has unlimited development potential for the future. Intel is very optimistic about the partnership with Dahua Technology and hopes to maintain a long-term in depth partnership.

In the session of product release, Li Ming, Deputy General Manager of Dahua Machine Vision, explained in detail the technical specifications of the software, algorithm, hardware, architecture of the 50MP large array industrial camera. He also delved into the new Movidius AI powered smart industrial camera and the full range of Sony IMX industrial cameras.

50MP large array camera  
This camera is the world’s first 50MP large array industrial camera. It uses the CoaXPress interface, and has a maximum bandwidth of 25G. Under an ultra-high definition of 7920×6004 it supports up to 30fps. With delicate image quality and sharp details, it can be applied in the fields of visual inspection, semiconductors, PCB, LCD screens, glass covers, and so on.

Movidius AI-powered smart industrial camera
Movidius AI powered smart industrial camera: Powered by the latest generation Myriad2 vision processing unit from Movidius (acquired by Intel in 2016), it greatly increases processing power, while significantly reduces power consumption. Furthermore, the cameras have reading/ stabilization/ matching/ measurement/ OCR algorithms embedded within and can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Full range of Sony IMX industrial cameras
Sony IMX industrial cameras use the latest generation IMX series global shutter CMOS sensors from Sony. Resolution covers 2MP, 3MP, 5MP, 6MP, 12MP, and more. With outstandingly low noise, wide dynamic performance, superb craftsmanship, ultra-high sensitivity, along with Dahua Technology’s powerful ISP algorithm, Sony’s IMX array industrial cameras will have a great impact on quality in the machine vision industry.

At the outset of 2017, Dahua Technology will keep in mind its new mission of ‘Turning Vision into Productivity,’ continue to increase technological innovation so as to provide more comprehensive world-class products and services to its customers globally. Dahua Technology will relentlessly release high quality products and strive to become a provider of high quality core parts for machine vision and contribute to the ‘Made in China 2025’ initiative.

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