Hikvision Shaping Intelligence AI Cloud World Summit

Hikvision has successfully organized 2018 AI Cloud World Summit at Hangzhou International Expo Centre from 30 to 31 March 2018. The summit was attended by over 2,000 participants including industry experts and scholars, as well as the Hikvision partners including Microsoft, Intel, Milestone Systems and Axxonsoft. The forum gave both attendees and presenters opportunities to explore trends in AI development, its real-world applications, and AI-related partner cooperation in global markets.

Hikvision introduced AI Cloud in October 2017 at the China Public Security Expo in Shenzhen. AI Cloud is a development concept born out of the Internetof-Things (IoT) era. It is a three-layered architecture that incorporates cloud and edge computing to provide multidimensional perception and front-end processing at edge nodes, and then process data in real-time and converges to edge domains for intelligent applications and create new data. It further converge on-demand data to the cloud center for big data analysis.

Building AI cloud ecosystems through open collaboration

Artificial intelligence is thought to be another rising technology that is going to significantly impact the human society. In his keynote speech, Yunhe Pan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering highlighted that Artificial Intelligence is already evolving to its next stage due to the emergence of new social needs such as smart cities, smart medicine and unmanned driving, as well as significant changes in information environments like the Internet, mobile computing, cloud computing, Internet of Things and others. In short, the next generation of Artificial Intelligence is moving towards big data intelligence, collective intelligence, and cross-media intelligence.

“A large number of application requirements are surging in a fragmented way. The implementation of AI is restricted mainly by three factors – data, computing power and application. To accelerate the process, it is necessary for all stakeholders in every industry to be open and collaborative to build an AI industry ecosystem,” said Yangzhong Hu, President of Hikvision addressing the summit, “To enable more partners to participate in the construction and sharing of the AI ecosystem, the company will be fully open on its products and services, including the AI Cloud software platform, training system, AI services, data annotation and data sharing services etc.”

The emerging needs for edge computing

At the summit, Oliver Philippou, Associate Research Director at IHS Markit, gave Hikvision’s international attendees a presentation titled ‘Artificial Intelligence – The Present and Future Prospects for Video Surveillance.’ According to Philippou, increasing numbers of network cameras on the global market pushes the development of video analytics further toward convergence – to edge and cloud systems – requiring better algorithms and deep learning to provide maximum accuracy.

Dr. Shiliang Pu, President of Hikvision’s Research Institute, shared the company’s AI research facilities, milestones, and achievements over the past years. Dr. Pu pointed to advantages of edge perception and its ability to generate multi-layered cognition to empower AI applications. It is the joint efforts for various providers to build up this AI ecosystem. Hikvision was honored to have three of its strategic partners namely Intel, Milestone Systems, and AxxonSoft, who gave keynote speeches in a summit session about mutual partnership and how AI changes partner ecosystems.

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