IFSEC International Converged Security Centre Powered by Vidsys

IFSEC International 2018 will play host to a dedicated learning and demonstration area, where visitors will benefit from a real-time immersive experience of integrated physical and cyber security.

Networked systems and applied technologies are presenting security management professionals with rising levels of information outputs and data, which are rapidly becoming core aspects of their business strategies. The business intelligence available from this deepening level of integration is now a core competency, providing commercial, industrial and government users with unparalleled levels of insight. However, these systems also represent major security vulnerabilities; the nature of their networked capabilities means there is a strengthening need for higher levels of understanding and vigilance in combating threats to information security. It’s a simple equation – greater complexity of technologies will lead to greater threats. This is where IFSEC, Vidsys and their partners can provide the solutions.

In this new world of converged security networks and information software, IFSEC announces the introduction of the Converged Security Centre at this year’s show, taking place at London’s ExCeL during 19-21 June 2018. IFSEC has worked closely with key thought leaders in this space, including James Willison, Founder, Unified Security Ltd, and SarbSembhi CISO, Virtually Informed Ltd. Together they have long advocated the use of converged technological solutions managed by cross-functional security teams to identify and mitigate security risks to organisations. In the development of the centre, IFSEC and Unified Security recognised the capabilities of Vidsys’ CSIM solution and their partners. The Converged Security Centre will be powered by the experts at Vidsys, the pioneering architects of Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM), to offer visitors a real-time immersive experience of an integrated cyber physical SOC, demonstrating ways to enable multi-disciplinary security teams to respond to the whole range of security risks across an enterprise.

The Converged Security Centre will be a combined learning and demonstration area hosted by Vidsys, Unified Security Ltd and their partners’ representatives, delivering a series of panel discussions with leading Information and Physical security professionals on the exceptional capabilities of a fully integrated CSIM platform. Visitors will learn how, with a fully converged security system, users can correlate multiple events into one situation, track major assets, execute efficient building management operations, monitor social networks, and most importantly enable high level information security resilience for true situation management. The presentations will show the simulated outputs of CSIM across a range of applications including transport, utilities and infrastructure and discuss how these benefit all areas of security management.

The Converged Security Centre will also display capabilities from a selected range of Vidsys partners. These include IFSEC premier partner Axis Communications, whose expertise in IP networked surveillance is acknowledged worldwide; Unisys, which provides expertise and guidance on cyber and information security; and Micro Focus International, who will be demonstrating how IDOL, an AI powered analytics platform for video, image, text and audio data, can automate real-time 3600 intelligence for security operators.

James I. Chong, CEO, Vidsys says, “We’re excited to be part of the Converged Security Centre at IFSEC this year and to be working with our global partners to showcase what a truly converged security solution can provide to organizations worldwide. We believe there is an immediate need for a converged security solution that unifies monitoring of both physical and cyber security under one, unified platform. By leveraging disparate sources of data, organizations can effectively manage a situation in real-time without having to go to multiple subsystems, including analytics and cybersecurity, to get the job done.”

Gerry Dunphy, Brand Director, IFSEC says, “IFSEC is delighted to welcome Vidsys to this year’s show as the major driver behind the Converged Security Centre. Our recent research revealed there is an absolute need for our customers to gain greater understanding of the capabilities of CSIM as well as a deeper awareness of the growing threats of cyber penetration into their networks so this project is an ideal solution. We’re thankful also to our good friends James Willison and Sarb Sembhi from Unified Security who have helped us co-ordinate this exciting new project at IFSEC 2018.”

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