Record-Breaking Education Program for Global Security Exchange

ASIS International has recently announced the education program for upcoming Global Security Exchange (GSX). Produced in partnership with InfraGard and ISSA, the five-day event is expected to attract more than 20,000 operational and cyber security professionals to the Las Vegas Convention Center for a comprehensive education program, unparalleled networking, and an immersive exhibit floor showcasing thousands of cutting-edge security products and services.


“This has been a record-setting year,” said Nancy Green, ASIS International Vice President of Learning, “We received a staggering 700+ proposals to our GSX 2018 call for presentations, and our program lineup features more than 300 sessions led by ASIS, InfraGard, and ISSA subject matter experts. This enthusiastic response mirrors the excitement we have been hearing from security professionals about the investments and enhancements we’ve been making to GSX, as the security industry’s flagship event.”

Learning formats will include deep dives, case studies, lectures, mock trials, panels, simulations, and workshops. There will also be a spotlight on enterprise security risk management (ESRM), with education sessions ranging from in-depth pre-conference workshops to practical presentations that bring this business strategy to the dayto-day workplace.

“There is an abundance of expertise and hands-on experience represented among speakers and attendees at GSX,” noted Darren T. Nielsen, CPP, PCI, PSP, Chair, 2018 GSX Education Selection Committee, “The education program will tap into this collective wisdom, and learning will be bidirectional – a true exchange of insights and lessons learned.”

A selection of topics being addressed include:

  • Securing Big Data in an Evolving Regulatory Landscape.
  • How Augmented and Virtual Reality Affect Security.
  • Ransomware: Managing Data Extortion Crises.
  • School Emergency Preparedness Using a Tabletop Exercise.
  • The Dark Web: Protecting Brand, Reputation, and Assets.
  • Surviving a Mass Shooting: Case Studies in Successful Tactics and Techniques.
  • The Psychology of Radicalization

in the Lone-Actor Terrorist: Making Sense of the Senseless.

Education will extend beyond the classrooms with more theaters on the exhibit floor, as well as expanded Career Center programming and a career fair. An exciting addition in 2018 will be the X Stage featuring TED-style talks from global thought leaders, academia, and government officials. These sessions will address high-level, thought-provoking ideas around emerging risks and technology innovations that could fundamentally change the profession. More details will be announced this summer.

“GSX brings the industry together to share ideas and engage in meaningful discussions,” stated Richard E. Chase, CPP, PCI, PSP, 2018 president, ASIS International. “Sessions are problem-centric/outcome-focused and designed to give attendees the opportunity to learn, interact, and most importantly, be part of the solution.”

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