Dahua Presenting FPGA in AI with Intel

Dahua Technology held a technical session together with Intel at IFSEC 2018 at London on 21 June to introduce AI NVR based on FPGA technology for security applications.

Todd Matsler Presenting Intel FPGA & Intel MovidiusTM VPU

Steve Norman, Sales Director of Dahua UK & Ireland highlighted Dahua’s new AI NVR based on Intel FPGA technology, which is able to realize real-time face recognition powered by AI, thanks to the deterministic low latency performance of Intel FPGAs. Moreover, Intel FPGAs are highly flexible and easy-to-use, which has enabled Dahua to better design its unique AI products.

Todd Matsler, Director of Intel Global IOT Video also introduced Intel’s vision product technology including the Intel® FPGA & Intel® Movidius™ VPU, which are both equipped on Dahua’s new Deepsense series AI products. He especially pointed out the deterministic low latency, superb performance, power efficiency and future readiness of FPGA make it suitable for deep learning inference. Intel® Movidius™ VPU enables low power visual intelligence, delivering dedicated imaging, vision, and deep neural networks at the edge.

With the in-depth presentations, participants of the technical session were fascinated by the great future AI could bring to the surveillance industry.

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