Dahua Releasing Heart of City Strategy at ‘Security China 2018’

Dahua Technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, has recently hosted ‘Dahua Heart of City (HoC)’ launch conference at Damei Center in Beijing, China during Security China 2018. At the conference, business representatives, industry experts, as well as security and mass media professionals witnessed the unveiling of the Dahua Heart of City (HoC) New Smart City Framework, as well as the release of Dahua Technology’s latest cutting-edge technologies.

Fu Liquan, Dahua Chairman of the Board, in his opening remarks expressed gratitude to the guests and media friends in attendance and said that through the experience and deep knowledge gained in setting the national standards for smart cities as well as hundreds of city projects around the country, Dahua Technology is now perfectly equipped with the capabilities of top-level planning and detailed designing for smart cities.

He added, this year, Dahua Technology is setting out with the big picture in mind, redefining a new start by releasing its Dahua Heart of City (HoC) strategy. The strategy gathers together the company’s strong technological innovations, top-level security network architecture, and operation services capabilities, while forming end-to-end solutions with supporting technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, IoT, within all areas of smart city operations, to promote development of smart city thus enabling city operations to become smarter, and satisfying a city life that calls for high quality.”

Dahua Heart of City (HoC) builds jointly established, constructed and shared smart cities

Deputy Director of the National Digitization Standardization Committee for Intelligent Buildings and Residential Communities, Zhang Yonggang, shared the support and guidance that smart city standardization has brought to urban construction, and explained the significance of artificial intelligence in the construction of smart cities. In his view, Dahua Technology has brought tremendous innovation and progress to the development of the industry. The release of the ‘Dahua Heart of City (HoC)’ strategy has provided new ideas and development connotations for the construction of smart cities in China, which will raise the curtains on gaining applications for its new smart city framework, and has important practical significance in building jointly established, constructed, and shared smart cities.

1+2+N new smart city framework: Empowering smart industry transformation

I n order to give everyone an understanding, Li Ke, President of Dahua Technology, made a detailed interpretation. He explained that HoC is a smart city development engine supported by full sensing, full intelligence, full computing, and full ecosystem capabilities. It realizes the construction of a ‘1 platform, 2 centers, N applications’ (1+2+N) new smart city framework for application at the city, industry, and commercial level.

“All of Dahua Technology’s future solutions and business systems will be built around the 1+2+N architecture to improve and enhance its end-to-end solution capabilities,” said Mr. Ke, “The Dahua HoC not only focuses on the ‘4 Full’ capabilities of products and solutions, but also gives the network ‘4 Full’ capabilities from a global perspective, thus driving professional, efficient, and intelligent operations. We hope that it will act as a heart that is capable of sensing a city’s pulse and data, while driving healthy city development.”

Self-developed AI chip extends AI video operations abilities

At this year’s Security China, Dahua Technology brought dozens of new technologies, products, and solutions to the industry. Yang Bin, Vice President of the Dahua Technology R&D center said that Dahua Technology will always build sensing systems around real-life customer scenarios, continually deepening the computing and intelligent networking capabilities within its products and solutions to maximize value delivered to customers. In order to achieve continuous, all-weather multidimensional IoT sensing, Dahua will promote the comprehensive application of AI technology by releasing its AI series dual 4MP Super Starlight bullet/ dome integrated camera. With the use of multi-spectral imaging technology, combined with Dahua Technology’s self-developed splicing algorithms for excellent low-lighting effects, the camera provides a complete color imaging experience.]

The AI series 6400W multi-sensor panoramic network camera + PTZ camera cannot only achieve full-scene distribution analysis of crowds and traffic density but also uses an AI dome to achieve the capture of details for facial feature analysis, behavior analysis etc., at ultra-long distances. In the field of intelligent security inspection, Dahua has launched AI series all-in-one intelligent inspection system and intelligent X-ray inspection server, which support the identification of guns, knives, liquids, sprays, and electronic products. It also supports features such as the linking of people to their bags, image searching, and playback, revolutionizing the current methods for security checks. In order to solve the complicated deploying issue of software platform and intelligentization experienced during the application of artificial intelligence projects, Dahua Technology has launched the AI series smart 7016 platform, which integrates intelligence, management, storage, and forwarding into a single platform that supports an up to 100,000 face image library and 64 video stream channels or 160 facial image comparisons per second, which accelerates the realization of intelligent industry applications. In addition, Dahua Technology has comprehensively deployed video structuring solutions, launching its AI series structured server and video cloud big data platform to satisfy next generation city level intelligent application scenarios. The creation of this series of products, technologies, and solutions completely supports the realization of Dahua HoC.

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