Vanderbilt Partners with ComNet to Enhance Support Services

Vanderbilt has recently announced a new strategic partnership with its sister company ComNet to offer customers an improved level of service.

The new partnership creates a collaboration between ComNet Europe and sister company Vanderbilt International, and primarily includes leveraging internal systems and supply chain and logistics structures. This new relationship is effective immediately.

A significant enhancement resulting from this partnership is that ComNet now has a fully functional, pan-European technical support team in place to support customers across the globe.

ComNet’s continued growth

“ The changes build from ComNet’s continued growth over the past year,” said Tom Exley, General Manager of ComNet Europe, “This format is designed to help ComNet customers get technical support faster and more efficiently. This is because, at ComNet, we are determined to put our customers first, in everything we do.”

This integration means ComNet customers will have greater access to a higher number of technical support agents including local support in core languages. Meaning geographical hubs can operate more effectively and ensure resolutions for any technical issues as quickly as possible.

“We are committed to building ComNet into a support network of excellence. It’s important to look ahead to identify future opportunities that will benefit our customers. This enhancement ensures we can deliver a customer service experience that is second to none,” added Exley.

Increasing the scope

Crucially, up until this point, ComNet’s technical support team was reinforced primarily by the company’s Sales managers. Therefore, this collaboration of technical support with Vanderbilt will free up ComNet Sales to focus solely on bringing the best products, services and offers to their clientele.

So, this new partnership enables ComNet to increase their scope of offerings such as pre, pending and post-Sales support, plus the ability to design and implement complete high-performance solutions to answer customer pain points.

“We believe this opportunity will significantly improve our support services model and enable our geographical hubs to operate more effectively. This will result in a more efficient cycle of how we manage and maintain our rapidly expanding customer base,” concluded Exley.

ComNet offers an extensive line of fiber optic, copper and wireless video and data transmission equipment that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the security, intelligent transportation system, utility and industrial markets.

Vanderbilt is a global provider of security systems recognized for future-proof, high-performance, and easy-to-use products across access control and intrusion detection. Vanderbilt strives for innovation in Software-as-a-Service solutions such as ACT365 and SPC Connect, as well as product integration both within and outside of their portfolio offerings. An advocate of open platforms and integrations, Vanderbilt solutions are designed to meet and solve customer pain points.

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