Hikvision Hosted the Second AI Cloud Summit in Hangzhou

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative security products and solutions, successfully hosted the second ‘Shaping Intelligence’ AI Cloud Summit at Hangzhou Whitehorse Lake International Exhibition Centre during 29-30 March 2019.

Under the theme of ‘Data Enrichment with AI,’ the summit served as a platform for AI cloud ecosystem partners to exchange knowledge on leading-edge AI and big data technologies and applications. It comprised a main forum and four sub-forums on the topics of finance, commerce, public services and smart governance for cities. Over 3,000 participants took part in the event including Hikvision customers, industry leaders, academic experts and partners.

“We believe that, as a fusion platform, the AI Cloud will be able to support our customers in their quest to unleash the full potential of AI and IoT. Ubiquitous intelligence will be the new normal of the AI era; intelligent applications and their data generation will be the engine”

– Yangzhong Hu
CEO, Hikvision

Vision of the future: Fusion of Intelligent IoT and Information Networks

One of the most important topics discussed at the conference was how Hikvision’s AI Cloud platform can support the integration of IoT and information network data in order to drive the future development of new, intelligent applications. Ideas discussed included the development of a computing architecture that unites cloud and edge computing, plus a data architecture that can enable the integration of intelligent IoT and information network data.

Providing fully open platforms for mutual development

The Hikvision AI Cloud was developed to solve real-world challenges across different vertical markets, and to create continuous value to end users. The cutting-edge architecture is designed to enable collaboration between partners across edge computing, industry applications, service platforms, standard systems, and much more. As an example of this, Hikvision demonstrated how the launch of its AI algorithm training system has enabled partners to train algorithms easily for specific customer application needs and deployment.

Using a digitised event exhibition area of 6,000 square metres, Hikvision and its ecosystem partners demonstrated versatile AI solutions including smart retail, smart campus, smart financial service, smart construction, smart agriculture and so on. In addition, intelligent transportation system (ITS) was showcased including intelligent buses, intelligent road networks, intelligent airports and intelligent railway systems – all designed to boost passenger safety and enhance the travel experience.

AI applications to empower industrial users

At the four sub-forums held on the second day, end users from different markets exchanged thoughts and shared use cases of collaborating with Hikvision AI deployment. At the commercial forum, partners from retail, energy, property management and logistics explored how AI can increase business insight and transform how businesses operate.

At the smart governance for cities forum, traffic authorities from different parts of China shared successful AI applications, including how e-police solutions help identify traffic violations and reduce the number of human injuries and fatalities. By merging video information with other systems and algorithms, traffic big data can be visualised on city maps to further guide traffic and improve urban commuting.

At the finance forum, banks including China Construction Bank and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China overviewed their digitised transformation with AI in banking security and management, showcasing how AI-powered big data was a key enabler in this process.

The public services forum focused on how AI technology can support the improvement of public services management. Among other sessions, Hikvision partners introduced AI applications for distance learning, smart classrooms, campus safety and enhanced learning environments.


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