Consistent Launches Dual-Band 4G/ LTE GSM Wireless Router

Plug-n-Play wireless router/ access point/ range extender with support for all GSM networks

Consistent Infosystems, a leading provider of IT hardware, security and surveillance, print consumables, and electronics and home entertainment products in India, has launched its highly versatile Wireless Dual Band 4G Router that works on local Ethernet-based WAN as well as a GSM network.

To have a redundant internet connection at home or office, a person needs a GSM-based wireless router that can keep him connected to the grid always. Beneficial for those who live or work in remote areas where local internet is limited, or for those who require remote connectivity or surveillance without an available local ISP. The Consistent Wireless Router is a simple, yet highly versatile dual-band wireless GSM router that works with all GSM mobile network providers. It features 2.4GHz + 5GHz dual-band modes and sports triple 5dB antennas for extensive long-range operation with beam forming.

Consistent Dual Band 4G Router

The router can also be configured as an access point to extend physical LAN into a wireless network, or as a range-extender to boost the existing wireless router’s range. The Consistent Dual-Band 4G/ LTE GSM Wireless Router Wireless Router works with high-speed data networking to support IPTV and 4K streaming with great ease. This GSM wireless router is a musthave peripheral for those seeking remote surveillance for areas such as farms, fields, warehouses, garages, terraces, barren properties, and other such areas where local ISPs do not have feasibility options.

Consistent Dual Band 4G Wireless Router (2)

Consistent Infosystems Private Limited is a leading provider of IT hardware products, security & surveillance products, print consumables products, and electronics & home entertainment products in India. It started its glorious journey back in 2011 from the Capital city of India, New Delhi. Since the venture started Consistent Infosystems Private Limited has become one of the fastest-growing Indian IT organizations in the era of technology and has already put its remarkable footprints in the Information Technology, Electronics & Home Entertainment industries. With its world-class technical support and servicing along with multiple service centers across the country the organization has ensured complete customer satisfaction. Quality and Service are the only modus operandi for Consistent Infosystems Private Limited and with these parameters in sync, the brand has defined the working ethics of the organization nationally as well as on a global level.



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