Always Count on the Business Intelligence Insights Provided by AI Analytics Based on Video Security Data

Business intelligence can provide additional data to help improve efficiency and gain customer loyalty by tailoring the shopping or service experience as per the customer’s expectations. These Business Intelligence insights are applicable to myriad application scenarios, including banks, ATMs, retail stores, malls, clubs, hotels, entertainment plazas, multiplexes, gaming arenas, casinos, hotels, health spas and gymnasiums, etc. One can always count on the business intelligence insights provided by AI Analytics based on Video Security Camera’s video data feeds.

Banking Insights: Banking and security have always gone hand in hand. Now, with the introduction of smart AI solutions, banks can do even more to protect people and assets.

First, AI-enabled video can provide a clear view of ATMs, helping to reduce potential risks. In addition, it also helps to monitor, detect and alert the command center.

Smart video also helps banks know their customers better, providing optimal customer experience. With ‘people-counting’ features to show the flow and volume of customers, and visibility of ‘hotspots’ where most foot traffic flows, banks can create optimal layouts for every branch.

All these things help banks manage their branches effectively and easily. Additionally, AI helps banks to improve the security of its day-to-day operations, helping them to build greater trust with customers and increase their competitive advantage.

Retail Insights: Robust edge analytics are included with Hikvision cameras to enhance system productivity. These standard analytics coupled with Hikvision retail analytics such as queue monitoring, people counting, slip & trips, heat mapping, and POS integrations, Hikvision Digital Signage, Automated Staff time and attendance, ensure efficient operations.

Club & Hotel Metrics: Business Intelligence solutions for clubs and hotels with the help of Hikvision Analytics allow them to make informed business decisions. With insights such as customer preferences, clubs and hotels can optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition.

Gymnasium Metrics: Business Intelligence data and insights in the Gymnasium’s scenario is a very helpful tool to understand the customers and their needs. Hikvision AI-powered video technology has the advanced edge analytics, they are embedded with Hikvision cameras to enhance system productivity. These standard analytics are queue monitoring, people counting, slip & trips, heat mapping. The other solutions like POS Integrations, Hikvision Digital Signage, Automated Staff Time and Attendance, ensure efficient operations.

Hikvision has a wide selection of security cameras, access control and intercom systems, and DVRs/ NVRs featuring advanced analytics that enhance business intelligence, offer greater functionality, and improve security. These analytics are fueled by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms that enable functional solutions to everyday business challenges.


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