DBSS Brings LVA™ from Israel to India

DBSS, India Brings Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) from Nemesysco, Israel in India

DB Secure Solution Private Limited (DBSS) India has recently entered into a distribution partnership with Nemesysco, Israel for the distribution and promotion of Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) in Indian civilian and corporate markets.

Nemesysco, Israel is one the leading companies in voice analysis technologies worldwide. It is a privately held company founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Israel, with service centers and the network of partners around the globe. Nemesysco’s solution which is powered by Amir Liberman’s ‘Layered Voice Analysis’ (LVA) patented technology addresses different needs of the security, corporate and financial markets, enabling organizations to enhance crime detection and prevention; expedite investigations; identify and fight fraud more effectively; improve veracity assessment during recruitment processes and provide better services to the public in need.

DBSS Brings LVA™ from Israel to India
(From L-R) Amir Liberman, Anil Dhawan & Yossi Aviram, Advisor

Amir Liberman, CEO, and Founder of Nemesysco mentioned that his team is highly dedicated towards the development of advanced and non-invasive investigation and security tools, fraud prevention solutions, CRM applications, consumer products and psychological diagnostic tools – all based on Layered Voice Analysis (LVA), their proprietary and patent protected voice analysis technology. He felt happy and expressed strong confidence in DBSS and their team, and their ability and reach into the Indian sub-continent special market needs.

Anil Dhawan, Managing Director, DBSS was equally happy and excited about their teaming up with Nemesysco. He expressed satisfaction and high confidence in the product suitability especially in view of the recent complex threats frequently observed these days. He said, “Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis is a completely new and proprietary technology and has no relation to any old voice analysis technologies, nor does it uses any previously known method for detecting voice stress. LVA does not perform micro-tremors (8-14 Hz) analysis in the voice, and can be used over telephone lines and with standard commercially available microphones.”

Amir also explained the product and said, “Nemesysco’s technology was originally invented in 1997 by me, and is being developed ever since in consultation with experts from different relevant fields such as psychology, criminology, phonetics, psychiatry, mathematics, and others.”

The technology is based on a proprietary set of vocal parameters found through research to correlate with key human emotions, and in various combinations to be able to identify deceptive intentions in real life scenarios. These vocal parameters were identified from a bank of audio files taken in different languages and numerous settings including police interrogations, call centers, and controlled experiments.

Many of the parameters Nemesysco’s technology uses are new to the world of phonetics and focus on the uncontrolled and yet phonetically unexplained properties of the human voice.

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) is adapted to meet the needs of various professional users, ranging from formal police investigations to security clearances, from vetting and recruitment needs to personality tests, and from call center’s quality monitoring to intelligence gathering and lawful interception multi-channel analysis.

In its security uses, LVA technology enables a better understanding of the subject’s mental state and emotional reaction at a given moment by detecting the hidden emotional cues in his or her speech. The technology identifies various types of stress levels, cognitive processes, and emotional reactions that are reflected in different subtle properties of the voice. This information provides insights into the way your subject thinks, what troubles him, what excites him, what portions of his speech he is uncertain about, what questions require more of his attention, and what areas appear to be sensitive issues for the speaker.

LVA uses a unique mathematical process to detect different types of patterns and anomalies in the speech flow and classify them in terms of stress, excitement, confusion and other relevant emotional states, found through our 19 years of research to be highly correlated with these emotions.”

On comparison with Lie Detector, he said, “Professionals in the field of lie detection know that there is no such thing as a real lie detector; since lying is not a unified reaction that is consistent at all times. Even the polygraph, the most known Lie detector, can only function properly in its predefined settings and in the relevant context. Simply connecting a polygraph to a person watching a video or performing any physical activity will render of course meaningless results.

Lying is a result of a deep logical process that is executed with a particular and significant intention. One might lie to protect himself from harm, while another might lie to gain profit, or even just to make a joke. Due to this variety in motivations and intentions, there is no fixed set of characteristics (physiological or psychological) that differentiate ‘lies’ from ‘truth.’ However, LVA can detect and sharp change in the associated emotional reactions (a jump out of homeostasis) and assist you, the professional user, to expose the risk and uncover the truth.”

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