Tenon Group Revamps Brand Logoon Completing 22 Years

Creating synergy across verticals

The leading Integrated Security & Facility Management Corporation – The Tenon Group has undertaken a massive brand identity overhaul and revamped the logo. It is the biggest repositioning since its inception about 22 years ago. The new identity reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future.

Over the last two years, Tenon has significantly expanded their global footprint and are present in a leadership position in India, UK, and Singapore. The re-branding coincides with the Group’s global vision and strategy to align and synergies the various business verticals present across the geographies. It is also about repositioning Tenon in the context of the competitive environment they operate in, and reflects a desire to focus on quality that differentiates them from their competitors.

The contemporized logo with its modern look, color, and lines captures the new positioning.

Over the years, colors have been used to represent the branding of various Tenon Group companies. Each has been distinctly individual from the other.

In the re-brand scenario, a color palette of a single color – Purple, has been adopted to create a synergy across verticals. The use of purple further demonstrates boldness and makes a strong representation of their unique vision for the company. An uncluttered color palette also ensures harmony and creates a faster recall. The new look is stylized and with fresh typography that is streamlined with the color palette that binds together the three main companies emanating from the Group.

The company now plans to streamline their various Business Units and strengthen it under 3 key verticals:

●    Tenon FM: Will globally provide Facilities Management services.

●    Peregrine: Will deliver comprehensive security solutions.

●    Soteria: For remote services.

Commenting on same, Manjit Rajain, Group Chairman, Tenon Group said, “Tenon over the last two decades has experienced exponential growth and we feel it is the right time to invest and align our marketing strategy with our business opportunities. Our refreshed brand goes much deeper than just a new logo and color. It reflects our commitment to creating ‘clients as partners for life,’ as has been the case for the past 22 years. While the brand color and typography have changed to better represent what the company is today, Tenon’s value proposition remains the same – our combination of excellence in service, exceptional client engagement, and deeper industry expertise remains unique, and enables us to develop long-lasting and rewarding client relationships.”

Since 1995, Tenon has been a pioneer in providing integrated security and facilities management services. With a turnover of over `1,500 crores globally, the company targets to grow 22-25% in next 5 years.

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