Centralized Video Surveillance

Centralized video surveillance is always a better option for multi-location enterprises. They often encounter snags with scattered video surveillance products. These scattered products do not provide an integrated solution offering much needed visibility and control for multi-location organizations.

Unlike traditional CCTV products, Matrix SATATYA is a professional video surveillance solution specifically designed for serious deployments. It offers live viewing, real-time alerts and instant switching between live and stored video streams from remote locations eliminating distance and time barriers.

Many progressive organizations including Schneider, Tata Motors, Dnata, Samsung, General Electronics (GE), Airport Authority, Indian Railways, and many more rely on Matrix SATATYA for their video surveillance needs.


  • 10 to 100,000 IP cameras.
  • Modular and distributed architecture.
  • Threat identification with intrusion, trip wire, foreign object, loitering etc.
  • Instant notification with SMS, e-mail, calling and video pop-up.
  • Edge recording without need for public IP.
  • Smart investigation using intelligent video analytics.
  • Parking management with ANPR.
  • Integration with access control, fire alarm, POS, weighbridge etc.

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