Securens Forays into Warehousing

The E-surveillance service provider having its market leadership in ATM and banking security, spreads its footprints in Warehousing and Logistics industry

Securens System has expanded its services in logistics and warehousing with its specially designed solutions. With its award winning state-of-the-art central monitoring station, Securens monitors premises of the leading banks, top retail stores, and popular QSRs. Securens have now spread its reach in warehousing with it’s specially designed products ACTIHEALTH, ACTICARE, & ACTIDETER.

Warehouses by their very nature are located in remote areas and are ever prone to burglary and shrinkages. Man guarding is an unreliable, inefficient and expensive solution to secure premises. Securens 5th generation e-Surveillance solutions with active deterrence monitors the premises 24/7 that not only improves efficiency considerably but also reduces the cost substantially.

ACTIHEALTH aids in the supply, installation and commissioning of all surveillance equipment on a PAN India basis and provides comprehensive AMC along with ACTICARE service on a SaaS (Surveillance as a Service) based model.

ACTICARE takes preventive measures through regular health-checks, which ensure that your surveillance equipment works exceptionally well so that they prove to be of great help during the time of forensic analysis of a crime.

ACTIDETER is a time proven system that guarantees results. It not only detects attempted crime, but proactively prevents it from happening, by using video verification and 2-way audio.

Sunil Udupa, Chairman and Managing Director of Securens Systems, said, “Warehousing plays a vital role as far as the supply chain is concerned. It acts as the backbone of the supply chain. Our aim is to provide value added 360-degree surveillance solution to our customers on a SaaS model to help them not only efficiently detect shrinkages but also help them reduce costs in this competitive market space.”

Securens has the largest network of surveillance systems spread across the country. Popularly known as the Central Alarm Monitoring Station (CAMS), the technologically advanced control room is built on highly redundant and fail-safe architecture known for preventing crime before it happen. The CAMS monitors more than 21,000 sites 24/7across India and houses over 100 monitoring personnel.

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