25k Crore Scheme for India’s Internal Security

Government approved INR 25k crore scheme towards internal security

The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), headed by PM Narendra Modi, has recently approved a `25,000 crore internal security program to strengthen law and order, modernise police forces, and fight terrorism during  2017-18 to 2019-20.

The scheme focuses on internal security, law and order, women’s security, availability of modern weapons, mobility of police forces, logistical support, hiring of helicopters, upgradation of police wireless, national satellite network, crime and criminal tracking network and systems and e-prison.

This is introduced to assist states in upgradation of police infrastructure, forensic science laboratories and related institutions, and making equipment available to strengthen the criminal justice system.

Mr. Singh further explained that a central budget outlay of 10,132 crore has been earmarked for internal security related expenditure for J&K, northeastern states, and those affected by the Left-wing extremism (LWE) under this plan. A scheme for special central assistance (SCA) for 35 districts worst hit by LWE has been introduced with an outlay of3,000 crore to tackle the issue of underdevelopment.

This is the biggest ever internal security scheme in the country. The financial outlay for the scheme over the three years period is 25,060 crore, out of which the central government’s share will be18,636 crore and states’ share will be `6,424 crore 

Rajnath Singh
Minister of Home Affairs, Government of India


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