After several months of demos and discussions, TATA Steel Ltd., has confirmed their confidence in COM SUR and recently procured several licences of COM-SUR PRO to enhance their CCTV surveillance initiatives at Jamshedpur. Gopal Choudhary, the Chief Security Officer of Tata Steel, who facilitated the opportunity to present the COM-SUR solution, was very receptive to the fact that CCTV by itself has never been enough, and that a few ‘additions’ to any CCTV surveillance initiative can offer immense benefits, hitherto not thought of.

Mr. Chaudhary said, “Currently, there is no ‘workflow’ of CCTV surveillance which provides logical steps as to how CCTV video should be handled and worked with. COM-SUR has made it extremely easy and efficient. While we continue to use Milestone as our VMS, we have deployed COM-SUR ‘on top’ of it, which will help us easily audit hours of video in minutes, reduce the data size, and store the ‘relevant’ for longer periods, and create standardized audit/ incident reports in powerpoint and gain business intelligence based on patterns.”

“At an appropriate time, we will consider deploying COM-SUR at more locations. The team at COM-SUR, led by CEO and MD Gautam Goradia, has been helpful and very patient. A detailed 2 day training workshop was carried out by the COM-SUR team in Jamshedpur. We wish COM-SUR the very best for their endeavours, and for their very out-of-the-box thinking,” Mr. Chaudhary concluded.

“This is a great honour for us that an organization like TATA Steel Ltd. recognised the value and potential of the philosophy and the technology of COM-SUR. With regular and dedicated use of COM-SUR, Tata Steel should have better chances to reduce/ prevent crime, fraud and losses; improve processes and compliances; and solve crime faster. It has been a pleasure working with the team at Tata Steel, especially with Mr. Choudhary, a visionary who shares our philosophy,” says Gautam Goradia, CEO and MD, COM SUR.

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