WaveSight Helps Police Monitor 10 Districts in Karnataka, India

The scope of the project included the supply, delivery at site and installation, on a turnkey basis of 90 pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras across 6 districts in the state of Karnataka. The scope also included:

  • A district control room with four 60 inch LED screens for monitoring and controlling operations.
  • Desktop computer systems with necessary monitoring software for cameras along with UPS to be at every location.
  • A digital video recorder also needed to provide a storage capacity for a minimum of 40 days recording.



The cameras at each of the locations in a district are connected to the control room within the district using a wireless network provided by Wavesight such that streaming of the video at each of the locations could be provided consistently and efficiently. The transmission rate was sufficient to ensure that the network bandwidth and network input/ output buffers were optimized. The solution also provided a back haul plan which allowed all installed devices to transmit video to the district control rooms – using open architecture and open standards.

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