Parekh Integrated Services Adopts Matrix VMS

Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd (PISPL) is in the business of providing high-quality logistics services that give customers a competitive advantage in the Indian market. Established in 1981, PISPL is a one-stop shop logistics and supply chain service provider in India offering storage and distribution services, freight forwarding, transportation, information technology and cold chain management solutions, along with other value added services to multiple industry verticals.


Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd (PISPL) has established their operation with more than 1,500 warehouses and distribution setups to cover all the major cities in India for their services. With this expansion, IT infrastructure equipment was procured, including IP video surveillance systems of different reputed brands from different vendors. Over a period, it became costly and difficult to manage different brands procured separately at different locations. Cost of operation also went up due to the technical expertise required for each individual system. PISPL was looking for a centralized solution, which can work with different reputed brands as well as give them a common control of all the video surveillance systems to reduce the technical manpower cost for different systems. Due to low bandwidth at some of the remote locations, PISPL was not able to secure video evidence at a central location. It was required for any kind of post analysis or dispute resolution. PISPL were looking for an occupancy control system in each warehouse/ storage area to manage and control the worker’s presence in sensitive areas. It was getting difficult to do it manually at each location with the increase in number of employees over the last few years.

Solution offered

Matrix provided video management software (VMS) as the centralized platform to monitor and manage all the cameras from a central location on a single platform, which led to reduction in operation cost. Matrix VMS supports all the camera models of major brands including ACTI, Samsung, SONY, Mobotix, Panasonic, Vivotek etc., along with ONVIF protocol.

Using Matrix VMS solution, PISPL enabled the centralized schedule backup at an even lower bandwidth from all locations to the central location. This made it easy to go through the video evidence at a central location and resolve issues in a short time. Another issue of maintaining occupancy up to a certain limit in each zone was addressed by the Matrix VMS Crowd Management feature. All the entry/ exit points were covered with a camera to count number of heads passing through the points. From central control room, using Matrix Smart Client, security can monitor the total occupancy of an area and instruct the team accordingly.

Why Matrix?

  • Matrix VMS architecture supports centralized/ decentralized monitoring and management.
  • Matrix VMS interoperable with most of the reputed brands.
  • Possibility of scheduled backup at central location even at lower bandwidth.
  • People counting feature to control zone occupancy


  • Centralized control and management.
  • Ease of use.
  • Secure evidence.
  • Improve productivity.


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