Vehant at Secutech India 2019

NanoSniffer & KritiScan 6040R: Prized Possessions of Vehant Technologies

Vehant Technologies successfully launched its latest addition to premise security portfolio, the ‘NanoSniffer™ – Explosives Trace Detector’ at Secutech India 2019. It’s display created quite a buzz amongst the professionals in the industry and drew a lot of visitors during the show. NanoSniffer™ is a microsensor based highly sensitive and selective trace detector, in a portable desktop configuration. It can be used to accurately detect a wider range of military, commercial and homemade explosive threats, making it another efficient and prized possession in the Vehant product line. What’s most exciting is that it’s the first indigenously developed product in the ETD category in India, jointly developed with Nanosniff Technologies, an IIT Bombay incubated company.

Vehant also showcased it’s award winning latest and technologically Avant grade product in the baggage scanning category, KritiScan™ 6040R – 3D X-ray baggage scanner. It is a highly competitive and technologically progressive product. It is based on highly accurate 3D technology to create virtual 3D images. It is capable of providing the operator with an isometric view of the scanned baggage by generating three dimensional image of the object. This product basically gives the depth perception of the object to the operator, which makes it easier to analyze the threat. KritiScan™ 6040R provides extremely detailed images for enhanced detection capabilities; thus enabling the security and surveillance personnel to view and inspect minute details in baggage scanning. It is a state-of-the-art trailblazing product in this section which has rendered the traditional 2-dimensional scanners obsolete, and which could only identify/ display 2-dimensional images of the object.

Vehant has also received the ‘R&D Effort of the Year in Security Hardware Award’ for KritiScan™ 6040R – 3D X-ray Baggage Scanner at SECONA 2019. It is a highly competitive and research oriented award of the industry. The recognition has instills motivation in the team and the organization as a whole to keep working and achieve highest potential. Kapil Bardeja, CEO, Vehant Technologies has accredited the award to the entire team of researchers who work tirelessly to make such achievements possible. He said, “Such achievements are a result of team effort, enthusiasm, and commitment towards the objective of making India a safe and secure place for all.”


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