Enterprise IT World & InfoSec Conducting the Third Chapter of 4 City CISO Security Symposium

The Delhi chapter of the Enterprise IT World and Infosec Foundation’s Security Symposium and Awards 2019 has been successfully concluded. The event is a series of 4 city CISO events aimed at initiating discussions on the security questions among the security leaders in the metro cities – Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai.

The theme for this year’s Security Symposium is ‘Zero Trust Security: Capitalizing on the Adoption Wave.’ At a time when cybersecurity breaches have become a contributor to the economic crisis in India, a platform like this allows the stakeholders to come together and discuss ways to control and mitigate the economic impact of cybercrime.

The series of events saw a huge turnout wherein the security leaders came in and participated in panel discussions on topics like ‘Protecting Your Company and Your Customers from Cyber Attacks,’ and ‘Why a Zero-Trust Approach Can Make the Cloud More Secure.’

The Delhi chapter, Security Symposium, held at Hotel Le-Meridian on 9th August, was inaugurated by Lt. Gen Rajesh Pant (Retd.), Chief of National Cyber Coordination Centre; Dr. Pawan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court; Ms Orly Naomi Goldschmidt Gartner, First Secretary (Public Diplomacy), Israel Embassy; Sanjay Mohapatra, Group Editor, Enterprise IT World; and Sushobhan Mukherjee, Chairman, InfoSec Foundation and CEO – Prime Infoserv.

In his inaugural address, Lt Gen Rajesh Pant (Retd.) said, “Cybercrime is taking away 2.5 percent of the GDP. In a tight microeconomic situation, the impact of cybercrime on the nation is very serious, this makes cybersecurity so crucial.”

Emphasising the government’s stake on the issue, Pant said that the centre is working on a new strategy for cybersecurity that will be released early next year and will take into account the newly emerging technological threats with regards to 5G, IoT, and the likes. This new cyber security strategy is expected to set norms and standards that would help the enterprises to navigate towards a secure digital transformation.

Dr. Pawan Duggal elaborated on the legal aspects of cybersecurity as prevalent in countries across the world and highlighted the areas where India’s own legal framework is lacking with respect to a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

In addition to the keynote sessions and discussions, the leading CIOs and CISOs in the enterprise market were recognized with the Cyber Sentinel Awards 2019.


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