Patol Further Cements its Exports to India

The position of India as Patol’s strongest export market continues as the UK-based industrial fire detection specialist supplies its Firesense Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) for yet another project.

The Ultra Tech Balaji Cement Plant is part of the Aditya Birla Group, a major cement producer in India. Located in Jaggayyapeta in Andhra Pradesh, the plant is one of the several producing a wide variety of cements specifically designed to cater for customer’s specific requirements in different markets.

Providing effective fire detection in such hostile and dusty environments can prove difficult. Chosen for this application, partly due to its successful implementation in a variety of industrial environments throughout India, was the LHDC manufactured by Patol. LHDC is a cost-effective option for providing early detection of fire and overheating in applications that would not ordinarily be viable, either through the inability to sustain the environment requirements or through prohibitive costs.

Some 15 kilometres of LHDC and associated controllers were supplied through Fireknock, an Indian company specialising in the consultation, supply, installation and maintenance of fire fighting and electronic security. The LHDC is protecting the cable trays in an unmanned area in which the plant’s high voltage cables are located, carrying electricity to the cement factory and its associated power plant. Through the system’s integration with an automatic water spray system, any fire incident is quickly and effectively addressed without the need for any manual intervention.

Commenting on the project, Kelvin Miller, Sales Director, Patol said, “India has always been one of our most important export markets which is why we have a dedicated sales operation in the country. We have been working in this market now for over 25 years, during which time we have supplied around 10 million metres of our LHDC to a wide range of projects throughout India.”

Cement plants are one of the many industrial environments that suited to the fire protection performance of Patol’s LHDC, with another recent project seeing the company protecting the flagship site of UK cement producer Cemex.

Patol has considerable expertise in the design, manufacturing and supply of specialist fire detection products and services. The particular requirements of national standards, client specifications or project needs are a standard aspect of Patol’s design & engineering service. Patol’s expertise ranges from discrete military vehicle monitoring modules through to multi-discipline systems covering all fire protection, process control and security aspects.

At Patol, application engineering and system design are conducted with rigid adherence to the client specifications. In addition, Patol’s engineers always apply their knowledge of projects of similar rigours.


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