Extra effort is what makes big difference New Motorized Eyeball Camera

UNV IPC363X series is the newly released model of motorized eyeball camera. The patented industrial design considers both of the appearance and the usability, and finds the fine balance between them. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, and can be widely used in many types of sceneries such as retail, school, enterprise, building, gas station and so on.

Image quality

IPC363X series includes two models with 2MP and 4MP resolutions respectively, and both have built-in Hisilicon H.265 DSP. Uniview patented ISP technology helps reach high image quality but with less bi-trate. Both models support 120dB WDR which ensures clear image with rich details when confronting sharp lighting contrast.

Hardware design

IPC363X series applies an all metal body for application. The eyeball camera used IR anti-reflection glass. The black anti-reflection material can also improve 8% IR transmission. Moreover, it applies smart IR to detect brightness of view and adjust a suitable IR light compensation. It supports IP67 with 100% leak test before shipment.

Software design

UNV IPC363X applies abundant functions that would greatly benefit users. It embeds H.265, U-Code and multiple smart functions. H.265 compression can reduce up to 50% bandwidth but keep high image quality. U-code is an enhanced encoding technology released by Uniview that can reduce up to 95% bandwidth while no details missing. Smart functions in IPC363X series are face detection, intrusion, crossing line, people counting, audio exception detection, defocus detection, scene change detection.

Easy to use

IPC363X series fully considers users’ needs and embeds many user-friendly functions. It has built-in microphone for audio input making it unnecessarily to install an individual voice pickup. By using up to 128GB SD card for edge storage, it can prevent unpredictable network connection breaks. The motorized lens can save installation cost, and the 3-Axis can provide a wide adjustable view.

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