Hanwha Coldstore Trinity™ Update

A significant number of orders received over recent months has given a strong indication that consultants, system integrators and end-users are increasingly recognising the value of COLDSTORE TRINITY™, a low power, direct-to-storage solution which eliminates the need for NVRs, and is able to offer over 100TB video storage and more than 30 days of continual recording.

Interest in COLDSTORE TRINITY™ is predicted to increase even further following the news that it is now fully supported by Smart Security Manager (SSM), Hanwha Techwin’s one-stop video management solution.

COLDSTORE TRINITY™ has been specifically engineered for banks, casinos, petrol stations, prisons and other similar environments where there is a need for a scalable, highly-reliable recording system with low total cost of ownership.

The wide variety of orders received include providing a COLDSTORE TRINITY™ solution for a major component supplier to the high-end car manufacturing sector, a UK transport authority and a casino group in the Czech Republic. With all the projects requiring a large number of high definition Wisenet cameras, COLDSTORE TRINITY™ is offering an easy to install solution with greatly reduced deployment costs compared to a conventional RAID-based system.

Total cost of ownership is minimised by COLDSTORE TRINITY™’s ultra low power consumption requirements. With a COLDSTORE array of up to 120TB consuming just 60 watts, there is a potential 90% power saving compared to standard server based storage solutions. There are also low ongoing maintenance costs, with extended disk lifetime, even when using the lowest cost disks available.

Users are able to take advantage of a robust and scalable system which does not require a server or network recording device and yet supports audio and metadata as well as video, whilst offering innovative features such as camera-level fail-over and resilience to network interruptions. As a result, large savings are achieved on software licences and NVR hardware costs normally incurred when an IP network based recording system is required.


In simple terms, Wisenet cameras, supported by the TRINITY™ direct-to-storage architecture, are able to perform the functions of an NVR.

Designed for reliability and data security with fail-over at camera level, TRINITY™ empowers Wisenet cameras to write directly to COLDSTORE, which incorporates Veracity’s Linear Array of Idle Disks (L.A.I.D™) technology. When combined with the unique Sequential disk Filing System (S.F.S™), COLDSTORE provides generous storage capacity at a low cost.

Instant access to video

COLDSTORE provides an easy way to instantly retrieve video evidence and yet is resilient to disk failure and requires no disk rebuild process. Disks are used sequentially, with all the disks not in use being switched off, saving power and thus greatly reducing temperature, vibration and wear. The system uses a unique mirrored overlapping-pair writing pattern to provide full data redundancy during the critical writing process. This delivers the redundancy of RAID1 on write, but unlike RAID1, does not require double the number of disks.

Smart Security Manager (SSM)

SSM is a one-stop management software solution which maximises the efficiency of Wisenet network cameras and ensures they are perfectly integrated with COLDSTORE and other third party systems such as intruder alarms and access control.

Smart Security Manager’s modular architecture empowers operators to configure, manage and monitor large numbers of cameras. It is equipped with a powerful search engine and offers a wide range of options to assist operators to quickly and easily retrieve evidential data.

A Video Summary feature condenses hours of recorded video into a series of shortened clips, with events overlaid and time-stamped. Selecting any of these events replays the relevant video clip in its entirety. Searches can be further refined by using criteria such as colour, object size and direction of movement.

Failover redundancy controls and automatic network-fail recovery ensures that Smart Security Manager operates reliably at all times.

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