Dahua Technology EVS IPSAN Recorder & ES Server

Dahua Technology EVS7000 and EVS5000 series IPSAN recorders, as well as ES512 and ES311 series servers are now compatible with Milestone XProtect video management software. This allows Milestone users to utilize Dahua Technology’s budget-friendly IPSAN storage solutions and high-performance server products as per their application scenarios.

Dahua EVS300

Dahua EVS is a hybrid SAN product designed and developed to meet the requirements of medium-range to high-end IP video surveillance applications. Integrated with Dahua video direct streaming technology, EVS can do video access, recording and management independently, without any recording server needed, making the surveillance system simple and budget-friendly. As a hybrid storage product, EVS can also be used in standard IPSAN storage solutions, working perfectly with Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) server to supply flexible and cost-effective video storage solutions.

Dahua ES series server is standard rack server based on Intel® Xeon® processor. Engineered with fully modular design, the server aims to provide clients with high performance, high reliability, lower power consumption and optimum heat dissipation. ES512 server is an excellent fit for surveillance and site security working with Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS), it also serves well for high-performance computing and other business applications, and provides flexible configuration options to better meet the ever-increasing demands by clients on servers.

Currently, Dahua IPC, PTZ, NVR, XVR and thermal cameras are all integrated with Milestone platform. Continuous cooperation with world-renowned VMS platform enterprises like Milestone is well in line with Dahua Technology’s core value.


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