Hikvision Security Radar

Hikvision has recently launched Security Radar intrusion detection solution. The solution uses cuttingedge Hikvision technology to accurately pinpoint the location and motion trail of up to 32 potential intruders per radar, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Hikvision Security Radar is ideal for monitoring large, exposed spaces with harsh weather, and where the perimeter environment is too complex for deployment of only video surveillance cameras. Thanks to its reliability in all weathers, wide detection angle and ultra-accurate intruder detection capabilities, this cutting-edge solution is perfect for locations such as ports, airports and large open industrial areas.

Accurate detection over a wide area

Traditional cameras or motion detectors such as active infrared and video motion detection have limitations in pinpointing the exact location of a potential intruder-related to their detection area. Hikvision Security Radar, however, can offer accurate detection over a wide angle of 100° and up to a distance of 60m.

Fewer false alarms

Hikvision Security Radar uses digital beam-forming technology and intelligent analysis algorithms to accurately detect all target movements in all weather conditions, keeping false alarms to a minimum. What’s more, IP67 rating gives peace of mind that the hardware itself is all-weather approved.

Visual intruder verification through video linking

Hikvision Security Radar can also link with as many as four Hikvision PTZ dome cameras at once. This configuration will not only trigger an alarm when an intruder is detected, it will also trigger video recording to help with visual verification of the intruder. Furthermore, the cameras and the radar can be installed in different locations. This Hikvision patented video linking solution is unique, and enables users to view, and accurately track and record multiple images of targets simultaneously – all while identifying their precise movements such as running, walking, crouching and crawling.

Suitable for multiple applications

The Hikvision Security Radar has multiple scene modes, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Shrub Mode, for instance, is best suited to areas surrounded by dense forest, as it filters out false alarms such as shaking trees or heavy rain. Open-Area Mode is ideal for large, open and sensitive locations such as ports; and the Custom Mode enables users to fine-tune settings to suit their particular needs.

Flexible installation and easy connection

Hikvision Security Radar is compatible with a variety of brackets such as bullet-PTZ brackets for easy installations. It also supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) so users can just plug and play.

Jiang Feng Zhi, Head of Hikvision’s Alarms Division said, “We are excited to bring our cutting-edge Security Radar solution to the market in an innovative way. We hope that its ability to accurately detect tens of intruders at once, day or night, and in all weather conditions, will bring incredible value to a whole variety of organizations globally.”

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