CP PLUS: CP TALK, New AI Chatbot

In a bid to make customer interactions intuitive, responsive and friendlier, CP PLUS has launched AI-powered chatbot called CP TALK. The chatbot is a friendly chat assistant for the customers on the company website. CP TALK will help customers in exploring precise information about CP PLUS products and solutions.

Quoting on the launch, Aditya Khemka, MD, CP PLUS said, “At CP PLUS, customers have always been the focal point. Emerging digital technologies such as the chatbot assisted platforms are going to change the way we have been interacting with customers; they are more likely to be the key drivers of customer satisfaction. Our own AI-based chatbot ‘CP TALK’ has been conceived to increase the ratio of engagement with our channel partners and customers. I am sure it will augment customer satisfaction to the next level.”

Chatbot – CP TALK is designed to provide guided customer support to the visitors landing on the company’s corporate website. It will give intuitive answers to all types of customer queries pertaining to CP PLUS’ security and surveillance products & solutions. To apprise on the term guided-customer-support, AI based chatbot, CP TALK will interact with customers and give them relevant information regarding a product, ensuring seamless customer support round-the-clock. The chatbot can answer in two-ways; by displaying options or by answering individual customer queries via chat interface.

“Artificial intelligence is an intriguing technology, especially when we are thinking about its implications as per the security and surveillance sector. We are proud to have launched our very own chatbot – CP TALK to enhance the experience of our customers. This is an AI-based chatbot developed to provide intuitive customer support. More importantly, the chatbot will provide customized support to each online customer, amplifying the relevance of our brand in this evolving time,” opined Yogesh Dutta on the launch of the chatbot.

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