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Oncam showcased how it is committed to bringing exceptional 360-degree imaging technology to the toughest and most challenging environments at the recently held 2019 Hazardex International Conference and Exhibition in UK. Making its first appearance at the event, Oncam displayed Evolution ExD camera range, which is certified for explosive environments. Housing a 5MP or 12MP module, the ExD explosive environment camera is the only 360-degree single-sensor camera with an explosion-protected housing and is designed to withstand the harshest elements, temperatures and pressure.

For markets such as oil and gas production and refineries, power and utilities, wastewater treatment, grain handling and storage, and other hazardous materials facilities, this type of resiliency is key, as conditions are typically rough but comprehensive security is paramount. The ExD camera range is designed to prevent flames from leaving the housing in the event of a spark, and its certifications are applicable in various regions.

The IECEx voluntary certification scheme facilitates the acceptance of equipment for use in explosive environments in many countries around the world. The system is based on zones that define the probability of ignitable hazardous material being present in the atmosphere such as gas and dust, and the ExD cameras are certified at a ‘high’ protection level.

National deviations of the IECEx standard are used worldwide, with the ATEX Directive – a requirement in the European Union. The ATEX certification describes what equipment and work environment are allowed in an area with an explosive atmosphere. The ExD camera range’s ATEX mark certifies the camera for use in non-mining explosion prone environments, with an ambient temperature between -20°C and +55°C.

The camera range also features a heavy duty 316L stainless steel housing and is rated IP66, IP67 and IP68 against water and dust ingress. The culmination of the camera’s characteristics highlights its ability to ensure the safety of people and assets in dangerous areas.

But the housing of the camera is only one piece of its true value. At the core of the Evolution ExD camera range is Oncam’s patented dewarping technology, which allows smooth manipulation and gives users an immersive and unmatched 360-degree video experience. Panoramic surveillance is critical for obtaining a complete view of a scene with no blind spots.

Operators can leverage 360-degree and wide-angle technology for remote site monitoring to ensure regulations are being followed, full coverage with enhanced situational awareness, and more informed and immediate response in the event of an incident. With no moving parts or maintenance required, this kind of technology reduces costs and increases ROI.

Oncam’s ExD camera is shortlisted for the Hazardex 2019 Awards in the Personnel Protection Technologies (PTT) Equipment category.

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